Life After The Military: Mark Greene

Listen to retired Navy SEAL officer, Mark Greene talk candidly and transparently about his challenges with transition, traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress, and how he sought help consistently throughout his life to overcome obstacles and achieve success in everything he did.

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Dominion Energy:


Show Notes:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:42 Lee introduces Mark Greene

01:54 Matt describes how his service as a Navy SEAL shaped him

10:26 Howie and Mark reinforce the value of military service and overcoming adversity

17:40 Mark shares his challenges and stories about transition from the military and his experience at the University of Southern California

40:40 Mark expands on his work at USC and helping their student veteran community and their families

47:40 Mark, Howie and Lee reinforce for veterans the need to plan for their transition at least 2 years out and never fear to ask for help

57:47 Mark describes his concept of being a life coach for student athletes

1:14:50 Mark explains how he learned about Dominion Energy and chose to work for their corporate security team

1:22:40 Lee gives Mark his book title

1:25:18 Mark shares a story about a public speaking engagement at the Smithsonian

1:30:15 Mark defines what mental fitness means to him, personal challenges he had and what he does to strengthen his own mental fitness

1:35:00 Lee and Mark discuss the difference between fearing failure and hating to fail

1:43:50 Lee closes out the episode

A Mental Fitness Journey Through Music with Cecily - Part 1

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“How do I use my voice to enable others to find healing in some way?” Cecily, a musician, writer and healer, joins We Are Everyone for a special two-part discussion on the power of discovering your voice and silencing that inner critic. In this episode, she shares her journey as a vocalist and songwriter including how shifting her focus to music allowed her to explore new ways to bring people together and the themes that she portrays through her work.


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Show notes

2:33 Cecily tells us about herself and her mission

5:45 Words on patience

7:00 Cecily gives us her definition of mental fitness

10:00 Cecily shares her art inspirations and her journey from political science to healing music

13:16 How Cecily’s conceptualization of love and her latest album were framed by studying three of the most popular books ever created on love

17:30 Cecily tells us how learning the themes of healthy love carried over into her music and her overall life purpose

19:20 Jenn reminds us of love and all its forms, and how that plays into mental wellness

21:59 Cecily tells us how the the dynamics of being an artist online and in the world affect and contribute to a self love journey


Music Mentioned

Songs of Love and Freedom –

Awakening PT. 1 – 

Books Mentioned

The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship: A Toltec Wisdom Book – Don Miguel Ruiz 

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) – Don Miguel Ruiz 

How to Love (Mindfulness Essentials) – Thich Nhat Hanh

All About Love: New Visions – Bell Hooks 

Quotes Mentioned

“How do I use my voice to enable others to find healing in some sort of way?”

“Really looking at the reasons why you’re on this earth, and being able to find your voice [that early] is really beautiful.”

“Mental fitness is a continuum.”

“Mental fitness is retraining yourself out of your continuous mental critic”.

“How can I replace this negative self critic with someone who is more compassionate, more kind, more patient, more reassuring..”

“I always wanted to be the kind of person to bring people together and to build people up.”

“You have to choose love in every moment”.

“You learn that any type of vitriol has to be an automatic response. No, that’s something completely within my control”.

“All human beings learn a lot about what love is supposed to be through the media. As a black woman who makes soul music, it’s my job to carry all these themes that are changing my life, through music.”

“Media is BS a lot of the time, but music is coming from the soul.”