Life After The Military - Retired Army CSM, Gerald Tyce

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Retired Army Signal Corps CSM, Gerald Tyce speaks candidly and transparently shares his challenges with transition to the private sector, overcoming the stress of multiple combat deployments, and how he sought help and mentorship consistently throughout his life to overcome obstacles and achieve success in his military and government contracting career. DoD SkillBridge Program: Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families:
Show notes
0:00 Lee opens the podcast 00:35 Lee introduces Gerald Tyce 01:46 Gerald describes how his military service shaped him 09:23 Gerald shares his challenges, advice and stories about transition from the military to defense contracting  16:02 Gerald describes how he was able to take two years to recharge himself and plan for his post military career after retiring from the Army 19:12 Gerald, Howie and Lee reinforce for veterans the need to plan for their transition at least 2 years out and never fear to ask for help 21:06 Gerald talks about his decision to join the Camber Corporation as a government contractor 23:37 Lee and Gerald explain the need to assess and interview the companies you are seeking employment with 28:13 Gerald shares how he prepared himself to succeed in a government contracting business development position and leveraged Camber’s training programs 34:15 Gerald describes how he leveraged free training and certifications with the Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families  40:32 Howie encourages transitioning military members to take the time to plan for their transition and highlights the value of the DoD SkillBridge Program 44:05 Gerald describes his experience as a Program Director with IAP Worldwide Services 50:40 Gerald talks about his current responsibilities as the Operations Manager for the Enterprise IT as a Service Contract for the Peraton Corporation 55:37 Lee gives Gerald his book title 57:02 Gerald defines what mental fitness means to him, personal and professional challenges he had and what he does to strengthen his own mental fitness 1:05:35 Lee compares the need for mental fitness and recovery to physical fitness and recovery 1:10:29 Lee closes out the episode