From Investigative Reporter to PR & Media Guru and the lessons she learned along the way

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Emmy award winning journalist and entrepreneur, Christine Haas shares with us her journey to becoming an investigative reporter to ultimately leaving her profession to start her own media consultancy. She speaks openly about the circumstances driving those decisions and all the lessons she learned along the way. Christine inspires us with her wisdom and enthusiasm around the power of believing in yourself.

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0:00 Intro

0:54 Christine shares a little background of how she got into journalism as a career

3:09 Christine talks about how long she has been in the journalism career and how she even became an investigative reporter

7:08 Christine talks about how she is using her expertise to help her clients in Haas Communication grow their businesses

9:47 Christine talks about where she got the courage to leave one career to go and start her own company

12:00 Christine talks about what gave her the strength to get through a divorce and at the same time starting a company

15:05 Christine talks about her success in business and what she contributes that success to

17:06 Christine talks about the importance of always believing in yourself and stop criticizing yourself

19:04 Christine talks about how being in the public eye also impacted her after leaving her career and starting a business

21:33 Christine talks about some of the obstacles that she faced along the way before she became successful

26:20 Christine talks about what mental fitness means to her and some of the things she does to stay mentally fit and stay positive

31:22 Christine talks about the importance of resilience and continually doing the things that help you succeed regardless of what people say

33:42 Christine talks about accountability and why it is important to hold yourself accountable for things

35:00 Christine shares pieces of advice to people that are going through hard times to motivate them to keep on working hard


Life After the Military: Sergeant Major (Ret) Michael Quinn

In this week’s episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie interview Sergeant Major (Retired) Michael Quinn. An absolute MUST listen for transitioning veterans and their family members.

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Michael is a 2X LinkedIn Top Voice who created HireMilitary, the Digital Networking Professional Program and Tenova, LLC to aid and bring value to transitioning military veterans and their families at no cost to the veterans they help.

HireMilitary is a veteran staffing company that provides the direct placement of veterans and military spouses and heavily leverages the DoD SkillBridge Program. The Digital Networking Professional Program trains and certifies individuals to leverage LinkedIn in support of personal or corporate branding, growing a network, engaging with content and leveraging their free tools. Tenova LLC is a service-disabled veteran owned small business that brings the unique quals of HireMilitary and the Digital Networking Professional Program, couples them with training, communications, and change management, to support government and commercial clients of all sizes.




Tenova LLC:


Show notes

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:26 Lee introduces Michael

02:15 Michael talks how his military service shaped him

08:15 Michael describes how he prepared for and executed his transition from the military and the value of networking

11:10 Michael reflects on the three turning points in his transition that changed things significantly

12:15 Michael talks about the value of creating a profile on LinkedIn and connecting with others for advice, guidance, and mentoring

17:18 Michael describes the challenge of being comfortable with the uncomfortable and how he dealt with the discomfort of transition

20:15 Michael reinforces the importance and value of conducting informational interviews and connecting with people who are doing what you want to do

24:00 Michael talks candidly about what employers want to know about a veteran’s capabilities and experience and how it will drive business success

28:03 Michael implores transitioning veterans to figure out what they want to do and seek out mentors to help them

29:47 Michael describes how he created the vision for Tenova LLC and HireMilitary

44:00 Michael talks about entrepreneurship, the value of building trusted relationships, and the requirement for making tough business decisions

48:49 Michael provides invaluable advice about using LinkedIn to connect with others to grow and expand your professional network

54:14 Michael shares his perspective on the value of informational interviews, the need to ask questions, and the strength of building relationships

1:04:34 Lee gives Michael his book title

1:06:00 Michael talks about how he strengthens his mental fitness, candidly talks about his challenges with his transition to the private sector, and the need to stay connected

1:16:09 Lee closes out the episode