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Life After the Military – Captain (Retired) Ted Digges

In this week’s episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie interview Captain (Retired) Ted Digges. A GREAT listen for active duty military members, transitioning veterans and military spouses – ESPECIALLY if you are interested in a financial management/services career! 

Ted, a veteran of 27 years of military service as an officer in the United States Navy, shares invaluable advice and lessons learned from his transition to the private sector. He challenges transitioning veterans to think strategically, build out their professional network, find a mentor, and be OK with asking for help. 

Ted talks about being OK with “not sticking the landing” on your first try and “opening up your aperture” to the potential opportunities that a military experience gives the men and women who serve.

Ted shares great insights on the value of the financial management scholarship program offered to active military, veterans, and military spouses by the American College of Financial Services.


American College of Financial Services on LinkedIn:

American College of Financial Services:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:26 Lee introduces Ted

01:47 Ted talks how his military service shaped him

05:04 Ted describes how he prepared for and executed his transition from the military and shares his advice and lessons learned

08:43 Ted reflects on the three important things to focus on: think strategically, find a mentor, and create and leverage your network 

11:18 Ted dives more deeply into the value of mentorship and the need to OK with asking for help and “having a cup of coffee” with others

16:50 Ted advises transitioning veterans to “open their aperture” to opportunities and how they translate their skills and experience

20:03 Ted talks about why he chose to pursue the financial management field for post military employment 

21:00 Ted describes the veteran scholarship opportunity with the American College of Financial Services and what he did to build up that program 

23:38 Ted describes the American College of Financial Services and what the program offers to veterans and military spouses 

27:40 Ted provides advice on how to apply for the scholarship 

29:00 Lee gives Ted his book title                  

29:50 Lee, Howie and Ted talk about Ted’s positive spin on “not sticking the landing” if a veteran chooses to change jobs

31:50 Ted describes the transition he is going through now using the James Michener metaphor of “shocking the dying apple tree to bear fruit”

35:56 Ted talks about how managing the stresses of life today

40:19 Lee closes out the episode

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Recent Episode's We Are Everyone We Are Everyone Season 5

We Are Everyone: Aligning Missions Externally and Internally with Dale Pfeifer, Founder and CEO of Goodworld

“Make sure that the whole person is looked after.” We are so lucky to be joined by Dale Pfeifer, who took time to stop by We Are Everyone to share insight from her journey to becoming one of the leading charitable entrepreneurs through the creation of Goodworld, a company that powers mission-driven organizations with technology that transforms workplace culture, communities and customer connections. Here’s a hint – it includes emphasizing mental wellness. She also details why it is so important for her company to support its team as they work to support others. From the practices that her company instills to the view of employee care that they have implemented, we think there will be a lot to take away from Dale as a team member, entrepreneur, changemaker, you name it.


Dale Pfeifer LinkedIn –

Dale Pfeifer Twitter –

Goodworld Website –

Goodworld Twitter –

Goodworld Facebook –

Goodworld Instagram –

Goodworld LinkedIn – 

2:31 Dale answers the question, “How does social entrepreneurship play into having a healthy mindset?”

5:00 The discussion continues on the learning curve in becoming a charitable entrepreneur, and how businesses adapted during the onset of the pandemic

7:00 Being able to manage a business during the pandemic helped owners retain a semblance of control and stability during a tumultuous time 

9:22 Dale discusses how growing new competencies through online courses in marketing and communication helped her to cultivate a sense of resilience

12:03 Dale gives her definition of mental fitness: taking care of your health from a preparatory stance

13:02 Dale details what her company implements to take care of their employees – mandatory 14-day paid leave, extra time off during major holidays, check-in’s, etc.  

15:25 As a company with a social impact-based mission, Dale details how she ensures that the values are aligned externally and internally

17:33 Acknowledging the human element in communication and business relations is very important to the longevity of a company

20:15 Formalized mental recess breaks could be very beneficial to the corporate world; mental breaks already serve to help employees and business owners alike. Dale details the mental recess practice she implements with her life partner. 

 24:44 Dale brings home the facts, that talking about mental health is incredibly important and beneficial for us all, especially when viewing statistics surrounding employee engagement


Quotes Mentioned

“Mental fitness is key to surviving as an entrepreneur.” – D

“I don’t believe that you can be a successful entrepreneur if you don’t have an optimistic mindset.” – J

“Resilience and grit – something that entrepreneurs have born within them, or you have to acquire that mindset.” – J

“A lot of angst comes from the lack of control.” – J

“I can control my environment and if I need to come up with something to sell… I can do that.” – J

“We live in such a comparing society, which is detrimental to our mental health.” – J

Being able to block out that noise and to stay your course… takes that entrepreneurship mindset and applies it to the greater good for mental fitness and mental health.” – J

“What kind of control can you have over your life when the world hits you with something unexpected?” – D

“A friend that will tell you the truth if the news isn’t good, is a friend indeed.” – D

“…Mental health, but doing it from a preparatory stance.” – D

“When it comes to mental fitness, my guess is that everybody is slightly different?” – D

“I also think of mental fitness as an employer, and I think that’s very important.” – D

“When people are working really really hard, that can impact their happiness, their wellbeing, and their productivity in the long term.” – D

“Make sure that the whole person is looked after.” – D

“As a company culture, we have an open [Slack] policy so that you can talk to anyone, at any moment. We encourage asking questions.” – D

“Communication and witnessing the whole person rather than just the person at work are two very important things.” – D

“The more that we can lean into [the why’s] the more we’re going to have a productive workforce, and the more we’re gonna have happy people.” – J

“Kids have a period of time to run around, adults need that too.” – J

“Mental recess/mental reset can be instilled in corporations.” – J

“We do a 3-minute meditation and a 1-minute gratitude practice… That really helps to focus my mind on all the great things we have already.” – D

“Make a safe place to have a conversation, welcome people’s feelings and thoughts.. they are very very important right now for a growing and thriving team.” – D

“Treat people with grace.” – J

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Recent Episode's WIN

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Andy Neary

As athletes and coaches, roadblocks and hurdles in our journey are expected. However, those that garner the skill sets, mindset and mentors that teach us to get through those times is what ultimately makes us winners. Our guest this week, Andy Neary, helps to create winners.

Andy is a former professional baseball player, two-time Ironman finisher, business coach, and founder of the complete game coaching program.

As we dive into Andy’s life today, you will find that no matter the arena, he was able to draw on his experience as an athlete to break through adversity to succeed.

In addition to being an achiever, Andy is also the host of the Bulldog sessions, a podcast dedicated to helping athletes and business professionals make the successful transition to the next chapter of their life. He is also a contributing author on the Amazon bestseller, Breaking Through the Status Quo.”

– Andy talks about being an undersized athlete and making it in professional baseball: 2:13

– Andy dives into what it means to do the work in the dark place: 7:15

– Andy shares how he dials in to compete in the Ironman Competitions: 12:13

– Andy walks us through the moment of exhaustion in competition and the breakthrough: 14:47

– Andy discusses the “Leaders Eat Last” mentality: 19:47

– Andy shares the influential people in his life: 26:07

– Andy talks about transferring his sports experience into his business: 30:32

– Andy shares advice for younger athletes: 33:59

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Her Journey Told Recent Episode's

Her Journey Told: From Investigative Reporter to PR & Media Guru and the lessons she learned along the way

Emmy award winning journalist and entrepreneur, Christine Haas shares with us her journey to becoming an investigative reporter to ultimately leaving her profession to start her own media consultancy. She speaks openly about the circumstances driving those decisions and all the lessons she learned along the way. Christine inspires us with her wisdom and enthusiasm around the power of believing in yourself.

Guests Social Media Links:

0:00 Intro

0:54 Christine shares a little background of how she got into journalism as a career 

3:09 Christine talks about how long she has been in the journalism career and how she even became an investigative reporter 

7:08 Christine talks about how she is using her expertise to help her clients in Haas Communication grow their businesses 

9:47 Christine talks about where she got the courage to leave one career to go and start her own company 

12:00 Christine talks about what gave her the strength to get through a divorce and at the same time starting a company 

15:05 Christine talks about her success in business and what she contributes that success to 

17:06 Christine talks about the importance of always believing in yourself and stop criticizing yourself 

19:04 Christine talks about how being in the public eye also impacted her after leaving her career and starting a business

21:33 Christine talks about some of the obstacles that she faced along the way before she became successful 

26:20 Christine talks about what mental fitness means to her and some of the things she does to stay mentally fit and stay positive 

31:22 Christine talks about the importance of resilience and continually doing the things that help you succeed regardless of what people say 

33:42 Christine talks about accountability and why it is important to hold yourself accountable for things 

35:00 Christine shares pieces of advice to people that are going through hard times to motivate them to keep on working hard 

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Life After The Military

Life After the Military – Sergeant Major (Ret) Michael Quinn

In this week’s episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie interview Sergeant Major (Retired) Michael Quinn. An absolute MUST listen for transitioning veterans and their family members. 

Michael is a 2X LinkedIn Top Voice who created HireMilitary, the Digital Networking Professional Program and Tenova, LLC to aid and bring value to transitioning military veterans and their families at no cost to the veterans they help.

HireMilitary is a veteran staffing company that provides the direct placement of veterans and military spouses and heavily leverages the DoD SkillBridge Program. The Digital Networking Professional Program trains and certifies individuals to leverage LinkedIn in support of personal or corporate branding, growing a network, engaging with content and leveraging their free tools. Tenova LLC is a service-disabled veteran owned small business that brings the unique quals of HireMilitary and the Digital Networking Professional Program, couples them with training, communications, and change management, to support government and commercial clients of all sizes.



Tenova LLC:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:26 Lee introduces Michael

02:15 Michael talks how his military service shaped him

08:15 Michael describes how he prepared for and executed his transition from the military and the value of networking

11:10 Michael reflects on the three turning points in his transition that changed things significantly 

12:15 Michael talks about the value of creating a profile on LinkedIn and connecting with others for advice, guidance, and mentoring 

17:18 Michael describes the challenge of being comfortable with the uncomfortable and how he dealt with the discomfort of transition

20:15 Michael reinforces the importance and value of conducting informational interviews and connecting with people who are doing what you want to do

24:00 Michael talks candidly about what employers want to know about a veteran’s capabilities and experience and how it will drive business success

28:03 Michael implores transitioning veterans to figure out what they want to do and seek out mentors to help them 

29:47 Michael describes how he created the vision for Tenova LLC and HireMilitary 

44:00 Michael talks about entrepreneurship, the value of building trusted relationships, and the requirement for making tough business decisions  

48:49 Michael provides invaluable advice about using LinkedIn to connect with others to grow and expand your professional network

54:14 Michael shares his perspective on the value of informational interviews, the need to ask questions, and the strength of building relationships

1:04:34 Lee gives Michael his book title

1:06:00 Michael talks about how he strengthens his mental fitness, candidly talks about his challenges with his transition to the private sector, and the need to stay connected

1:16:09 Lee closes out the episode

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WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Coach Boris Sapone

Whats your why? Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you coach or play sports? Why do you go to school or work?

Our guest today, Coach Boris Sapone, will show you the power of having an answer to that question. 

– Boris takes us through his journey to personal training and owning his business – 2:15

– Boris shares his vision in designing his business and how he strives to be different from the typical CrossFit box –  11:04

– Boris talks about getting younger athletes into fitness – 17:56

– Boris shares the best approach when talking to someone about making fitness more of a priority in their life –  20:59

– Boris discusses the mental fitness piece of physical fitness and how important it is in his business – 27:47

– Boris shares words of wisdom for young coaches – 34:40

– Boris discusses adversity and his tactics for overcoming adversity in his life –  36:42

– Boris shares his thoughts on maintaining a positive mindset – 45:00

– Boris gives his perspective on the opportunities available in American in contrast to other countries – 49:31

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Life After The Military

Life After the Military – Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE

In this episode of Life After the Military, Howie and Lee talk with Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE. Ash, a highly accomplished leader in the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, had a distinguished 21-year career that included special recognition with his appointment as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.  

Ash shares his insights about the value of developing and leveraging a strong personal and professional network, the importance of creating and sustaining highly trusted relationships with colleagues and clients, and his strong desire to give back to those who serve our communities. He describes the work he does as a leadership and management consultant and talks passionately about The Unsung Heroes Foundation which he helped to found to give back to veterans and first responders. 

Ash also talks passionately about the need to develop resilience by overcoming life’s daily challenges and the need to stay connected to others to help them in their times of need.



The Unsung Heroes Foundation:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:26 Lee introduces Ash

01:37 Ash talks how his military service shaped him

05:30 Ash describes how he prepared for and executed his transition from the British military and the value of networking

12:30 Ash reflects on things he may do differently to prepare for transition knowing what he knows now

18:00 Lee and Ash discuss some differences between the US and the British military and their treatment by the government

22:03 Ash describes the work he did as a leadership and management consultant and how he leveraged his extensive military experience and the need to be adaptable

29:24 Ash shares how he leveraged his network connections, the value of developing trusted relationships and describes the work he did for Palantir Technologies

34:03 Ash passionately talks about his desire to give back, support charitable organizations and the work he does with The Unsung Heroes Foundation

41:22 Ash describes the efforts he took to help evacuate Afghan translators and families from Afghanistan 

47:04 Lee gives Ash his book title

48:25 Ash tells the story how he ran the London Marathon in a dinosaur costume to raise money for an Afghan charity           

51:57 Ash talks about how he developed his mental strength and resiliency throughout his life and his focus on helping others overcome their challenges

1:00:54 Lee closes out the episode

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Her Journey Told

Her Journey Told: Erin Washington finds balance with Squats & Margaritas

Erin Washington shares with us her incredible story of discovering her best self mentally and physically once she changed her definition of healthy. In this episode, Erin shares how she went through this process and found her purpose in sharing her journey with others.

Guests Social Media Links:





0:00 Intro

1:57 Erin talks about what the term healthy means to her now as opposed to when she was young

4:25 Erin talks about her book and what it is all about and some of the reasons that made her write that book

10:17 Erin talks about some of the things that got her through when she was going through dark times

12:33 Erin talks about why she hid from people that she had an eating disorder and the impact it had on her life

16:01 Erin talks about the importance of sharing your secrets with other people that you feel might be shameful

19:34 Erin also talks about the importance of asking yourself if you are being true to yourself doing what you are doing

24:04 Erin talks about why you should do what makes you happy and not be bothered by what other people say

25:44 Erin talks about her brand Squats and Margaritas, how she came up with it and what’s its purpose is

33:10 Erin talks about why people need to focus on what’s working for them instead of what’s not working for them

37:05 Erin shares her thoughts on why people should have people to listen to them and guide them through like a therapist

40:25 Erin explains why people need to be real especially when it comes to the social media and the impact it will have on other people

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We Are Everyone We Are Everyone Season 5

We Are Everyone: Exploring Music Therapy with Kelsi Tafaro

“Talk therapy allows a person to speak about their topics, but it may be too difficult to discuss. So, music kind of allows for a creative approach and a non-intimidating approach.” Kelsi Tafaro, a board-certified music therapist, neurologic music therapist, special educator and executive director of NeuroSound Music Therapy, LLC., joins Jenn on this episode of We Are Everyone to discuss the therapeutic benefits of music. She shares how she was inspired to open her own practice, the scientific support behind music’s ability to alter our moods and how it helps us handle conflict and self-awareness. She also answers questions about the lessons that business leaders can take from music therapy as well as how it has impacted her own mental fitness path personally and as an entrepreneur. Plus, Kelsi and Jenn reveal the songs they listen to for an extra mental boost!

Kelsi Tafaro LinkedIn:

NeuroSound Music Therapy, LLC.:

NeuroSound Music Therapy, LLC. Facebook:

NeuroSound Music Therapy, LLC. Instagram:

:00 Introductions

:47 Kelsi shares her background and life history that lead her to music therapy

2:32 Kelsi’s earliest connections to music and how a great teacher lead her to begin her musical healing journey

5:56 The purpose, science and process of music therapy as explained by Kelsi Tafaro

9:45 Kelsi reveals that using client – preferred music is part of her music therapy method and explains how songwriting, active listening and instrument-playing factor into her approach

13:05 Kelsi tells us what she feels about the term “mental fitness”

15:45 Using music therapy strategy, Kelsi explains how she strengthens the mental fitness of others, and gives the case of a child with attention issues

19:19 Jenn poses the question, “What lesson can you learn about yourself through music and art therapy?

20:45 How can the lessons we learn in therapy be applied to the workplace? Kelsi says that businesses are increasingly caring about the mental wellness of their employees

25:45 Kelsi reveals how she flexes her own mental fitness by setting boundaries and learning how to say “no”, while being a mother, wife and business owner 

28:22 Jenn and Kelsi discuss her favorite songs for a quick mental boost

29:23 Kelsi leaves us with parting words and offers her services to the public

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WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Susan Norton