Building Grit Along Your Journey with Karen Wawrzaszek and Tony Crescenzo

Principal & Senior Director of Financial Planning at Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney, Karen Wawrzaszek, and President of Intelligent Waves, Tony Crescenzo, joined us to discuss how they have developed grit along their journeys. Our guests also touched on being your authentic self, showing empathy, and not only learning from your mentors but mentoring others.


Karen Wawrzaszek, Principal & Senior Director of Financial Planning, Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney

Karen’s Personal Wellness:
Painting and writing poetry


Tony Crescenzo, President, Intelligent Waves

Tony's Personal Wellness:
Cooking and fishing

Speaking Your Truth with Erinn Roth and Jerome Allen

Author and Assistant Coach of the Boston Celtics, Jerome Allen, joined us alongside Founder/CEO of Ms. Jo’s Petite Sweets, Erinn Roth, for a conversation about strength through vulnerability, accountability, and getting your mind right. Our guests also shine a light on their personal experiences with mental wellness, their faith, and much more.


Erinn Roth, Founder, and CEO of Ms. Jo’s Petite Sweets
Ms. Jo’s Petite Sweets is a bakery, dedicated to Erinn’s late mother, that specializes in sweet treats and desserts.

Erinn’s Personal Wellness: Cookbooks and laughter


Jerome Allen, Assistant Coach of the Boston Celtics and Author of When the Alphabet Comes: A Life Changed by Exposure

Jerome’s Personal Wellness: DJing

The Pursuit of Positive Energy with Maggie O’Neill and Bob Morgan

CoFounder & Chief Creative Officer at SWATCHROOM, Maggie O’Neill, joined us alongside President and Founder of Pivotal Moments, Bob Morgan, to discuss the pursuit of positive energy, adapting to change, and balancing the different aspects of life. Both guests also shared their experiences with mental wellness as entrepreneurs with creative mindsets.


Maggie O’Neill, Principal CoFounder & Chief Creative Officer at SWATCHROOM

SWATCHROOM is a creative agency that specializes in hospitality design and art.

Maggie's Personal Wellness: Listening to music, painting, and dancing


Bob Morgan, President and Founder of Pivotal Moments

Bob's Personal Wellness: Listening to music

We All Have a Team with Lisa Sun and Geoff Arnold

CEO of GRAVITAS Lisa Sun and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Rider University Geoff Arnold, joined us for a conversation on the benefits of working with a team, the power of practice, and ego being the center of our philosophy. The guests also touched on having a perspective that anything is solvable.


Lisa Sun, CEO and Founder at GRAVITAS
GRAVITAS is a fashion company with a mission to catalyze confidence. GRAVITAS clothing emphasizes intelligent function meets size-inclusive versatile fashion.

Lisa’s Personal Wellness: Puzzles and adult coloring books


Geoff Arnold, Assistant Coach for Ryder University Men’s Basketball Team
Rider University is a private university in Lawrence Township, New Jersey.

Geoff's Personal Wellness: Golfing Addict