Win: Championship Traits For Life - Doug Cifu; CEO of Virtu Financial and Owner of the FLA Panthers

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We all would like to play owner of a professional sports team. We interviewed one instead… Doug Cifu joins us on WIN this week to discuss his past, present and future in professional sports and enlightens us on the power of NOT having an ego when it comes to business, athletics and life.

What if I told you that your ego may be what holds you back from succeeding?

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Our guest today, dives deep into how a lack of ego has helped him reach milestones in both professional sports and in business. Moreover, he will define the word GRIT throughout the episode, and how important it is to both creating and executing opportunities that come your way.

Doug Cifu, is the Vice-Chairman, Partner, and Alternate Governor of the Florida Panthers

A self-starter, Doug is a native of Syosset NY and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia University in 1987 where he was elected a member of Phi Beta Kappa and completed his Juris Doctor Degree from Columbia Law School in 1990.

Doug is currently the CEO of Virtu Financial, a global electronic market-making firm, and was one of the companies co-founders with Panthers owner, Vincent V-EYE-OH-LAH in 2008.

Doug is a Florida Panthers super-fan in his own right, always willing to engage the team’s supporters on social media and to help grow hockey in south Florida.

Throughout this episode you will hear some amazing stories and strategies that Doug has used throughout his life to get to where he is today that you will be able to apply to your own experience immediately.

Enjoy this episode of WIN: Championship Traits for Life, with Doug Cifu.

Show Notes

Doug takes us through what what it was like to talk to his partner about  taking on a hockey franchise in South Florida: 3:57

Doug tells us how he prioritizes culture and what its like to get people to buy into change: 13:28

Doug talks about his son, Danny, who has had an astounding youth baseball career: 22:04

Doug discusses how great of a player Jaromir Jagr was to have on the Panthers and the character traits he possessed: 27:44

Doug talks about his journey with Virtu Financial: 38:44

Doug tells us the three things that get people in trouble in life and the impact of it being a fact: 46:13

Doug shares what mental fitness means to him: 1:00:26

Doug tells us why he is a hotdog influencer (Feltman’s of Coney Island Hotdogs): 1:02:32


Win: Championship Traits For Life - Sgt. Stu Edwards, Performance Coach

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We’re not gonna hold back, our first episode of WIN is EPIC.

Watch or listen to this interview with Ben Harrow and you’ll have the word perseverance redefined while also learning how to conquer past incredibly intense adversity. Let us know what you love and learned!

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Talent is an important part of any athlete’s life, but the cultivation of that talent along with a willingness to be part of a team is essential for true winning to take place. Our guest today, Sargent Stu Edwards brings 17 years of experience in fitness coaching, performance coaching, and speaking.

Stu started his journey at 19 years of age, as a gym instructor working in a local leisure center. It was there he discovered his love for helping others achieve their fitness goals. He soon qualified as a GP Referral Specialist working to physically rehabilitate clients with a range of physical and psychological challenges.

Stuart’s hunger for personal challenges only grew from there, leading him to enroll in the Royal Air Force to become a Physical Training Instructor. Stu held many positions in the RAF, including training new recruits and pilots and delivering personal development in arduous environments and different countries to the future leaders of the RAF.

Alongside his career in the Royal Air Force, Stu also works with sports teams ranging from recreational, semi-professional, professional, and international levels. In addition to serving his country, he also serves as the Performance Coach for the Peterborough Phantoms Ice Hockey team and has also served as the Performance Coach for Great Britain’s under 20s Ice Hockey Team for two World Championships. In addition to his international resume, Stu also holds roles as a Strength and Conditioning coach with the English Ice Hockey Association and Kings Elite Goaltending which allows him to support and develop the future athletes of his country.

Stu recently established Edwards Elite Performance, a coaching company with the mission of educating individuals and teams to improve their mental and physical performance to achieve their full potential.

Enjoy this episode of WIN: Championship Traits for Life, with Sargent Stu Edwards.


Stu shares his point of view from helping to bond the 2015 Peterborough Phantoms Team: 2:27

Stu talks about the similarities of a platoon and a locker room: 13:01

Stu shares a story of adversity, what he learned from it, and how he overcame it: 21:10

Stu discusses his definition of what it means to be a captain in an accountable environment: 30:02

Stu talks about the challenges and benefits of being part of an emerging hockey nation: 47:00


WIN: Championship Traits For Life - CPT(R) Ben Harrow

We’re not gonna hold back, our first episode of WIN is EPIC.

Watch or listen to this interview with Ben Harrow and you’ll have the word perseverance redefined while also learning how to conquer past incredibly intense adversity. Let us know what you love and learned!

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Captain Ben Harrow is an accomplished special forces officer and decorated American hero, as well as a father, husband, and athlete. His journey started as an athlete, culminating in a collegiate Lacrosse career at West Point Military Academy. After graduation. Ben earned the rank of Captain and began his military career which included deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. In May of 2012, while deployed in Afghanistan, Ben was leading a team of Green Berets on an anti terrorism mission when he stepped on an IED. He lost both legs above the knee, two fingers, and a large portion of flesh from his right forearm.

In spite of Doctors telling him that he would be restricted to a wheelchair the rest of his life, Ben refused to accept that outcome. Two months after stepping on the IED, Ben was out of Bed and moving. In spite of being told his femur was now too short for prosthetic limbs, Ben researched and found an experimental procedure to grow his femur bone back. After multiple surgeries, Ben was able to grow back 6.5 inches of his femur setting world records in the process. The procedure is now the standard for soldiers with similar injuries.

If that level of resilience wasn’t enough, Ben continued to push the limits of what he could do. In the summer of 2014, a little over two years after his near fatal accident, Ben stood up and walked under his own power. In June of 2016 Ben joined his team on the lacrosse field to participate in the Shootout For Soldiers event. To take it to another level, Ben began playing goalie for the USA Warriors sled hockey team and had such success at the position that he competes at the world stage having been the goalie for the Italian National Paralympic team.

In spite of his extensive injuries, Ben continues to define the words resilience, perseverance and triumph in the face of adversity.


Ben talks about his love for Lacrosse and time at West Point: 03:16

Ben talks about being the hardest worker in the room: 6:24

Ben gives advice about finding a path in life: 10:35

Ben talks about mental toughness being a learned skill: 14:08

Ben tells his story and how he overcame his adversity: 17:36

Ben talks about his will to compete despite the extreme odds he had to face: 37:30

Ben shares the experience of walking back into his special forces unit: 43:36 Ben shares his secrets to staying in the present moment: 46:19

Ben discusses how the US military is truly the greatest team on the planet: 55:01

Ben talks about his mental fitness routine: 1:00:56