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About this Channel

Mental Fitness matters. Through podcasts, video series, and shared content from artists, athletes, our audience, and our mission partners, we demonstrate the meaning of Mental Fitness and its importance.

We share uplifting and inspiring stories of people who have learned to maintain their Mental Fitness and the strategies they use to thrive and flourish. We will also share the services and support that our Mission Partners offer.

Mental Fitness Tips

Throughout May 2021, Mental Health Awareness Month,we will be sharing thoughts and tips on mental health and mental fitness.

Howie Cohen, an Army Veteran and the Director of the Pivotal Moments Charlie Mike channel, shares his advice on Mental Fitness.

Writer, editor, and social media influencer Mary Skinner shares what she does to practice mental fitness.

Canadian Olympic Snowboarder, entrepreneur, and Mental Health advocate, Natalie Allport shares her Mental Fitness tip.

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Olympic Gold Medalist, Mitch Gaylord talks about how he stays mentally fit.

Sean Murphy, Executive Director and Founder of the non-profit 1455 Literary Arts, shares his Mental Fitness tip.

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Award-winning pop/folk singer-songwriter and musician, and marketer for GoodSeeker, Olivia Frances tells how she starts and ends her day with Mental Fitness.

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U.S. Army Retired 4 Star General Dave Rodriguez shares his mental fitness.

Entrepreneur and life-coach Emily Rasowsky shares her Mental Fitness tip.

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The President at Rosslyn Business Improvement District, Mary-Claire Burick, shares her Mental Fitness tip.

Jeff Grass, Founder and CEO of Hungry, shares his Mental Fitness tips.

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Jenn Sherman, Founder of The Influencer Collective and Host of Pivotal Moments’ We Are Everyone podcast, talks Mental Fitness and how she maintains hers.

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Pamela Sorensen, Founder and President of High Frequency Consulting and Pivotal Moments’ Director of Development and Fundraising, explains her Mental Fitness.

Natalie Oliverio, Founder and CEO of Military Talent Partners, shares how she practices mental fitness and takes care of her health.

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Principal & Senior Director of Financial Planning at Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney, Karen Wawrzaszek, shares her Mental Fitness tip.

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President of C3 Integrated Solutions, Bill Wootton, shares his thoughts and mental fitness.

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Dan Simons shares what he does every morning to strengthen his mind and improve his wellbeing.

Matthew Zachary shares what he does every morning to train his mind. 

Founder of Christine Haas Media, Emmy award-winning anchor, and writer, Christine Haas shares how she stays mentally fit.

Tommy McFly shares his thoughts on mental fitness and what he does when he is stressed out.

The Science of Success Podcast
With Matt Bodnar

Matt Bodnar, named to “Forbes 30 Under 30” and partner in multiple “Inc Fastest Growing Companies,” is a deal maker and strategy expert who has scaled businesses across multiple industries. Matt is the Chairman of Fresh Technology, a Managing Partner of the Fresh Capital Group, and the Partner who lead acquisitions for the Fresh Holdings  portfolio for the last 9 years. Learn more about Matt. Learn more about the podcast.

About this Channel

A video and podcast series focusing on the intersection of mental wellness and generations in the workforce. We bring together young professionals and mindful executive mentors to surface conversations about the importance of mental wellness, staying mental fit, and overcoming career challenges.

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John's Toast Mental Health Minutes
With Chris Madigan

John’s Toast is a few moments, once a year, to remember those we have lost too soon and celebrate the love we have for friends and family. John’s Toast is a celebration of life, love and laughter that brings anyone participating a few moments of carefree reflection to their life.

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We Recommend 


The Genius of Marian (Banker White & Anna Fitch, 2014)

Filmmaker Banker White documents his mother, Pam White, in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Watch on Amazon Prime

The Social Dilemma (Jeff Orlowski, 2020)

A Netflix film. “This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.”

Watch on Netflix

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (Marina Zenovich, 2018)

A closer look at the life of comedian and actor, Robin Williams, and how it was impacted by substance abuse, dementia, and his career.

Watch on Amazon Prime

Feature Films

Silver Linings Playbook (David A. Russel, 2012)

A Netflix film. “After a stint in a mental hospital, Pat moves in with his parents and tries to win back his wife, until he meets a woman who’s as unstable as he is.”

Watch on Netflix

A Beautiful Mind (Ron Howard, 2001)

“This movie, based on a true story, highlights the life of John Forbes Nash, Jr. (Russel Crow), a mathematical savant who lived with schizophrenia. The movie beautifully captures the challenges John faced throughout his life, including paranoia and delusions that altered his promising career and deeply affected his life.”

Watch on Amazon Prime

The Skeleton Twins (Ron Howard, 2001)

“The opening scene of Skeleton Twins shows the film’s main characters, Milo (Bill Hader) and Maggie (Kristen Wiig), both attempting suicide. Milo’s attempt lands him in the hospital, which reunites the brother and sister after 10 years of estrangement. Both characters express their depression in candid and humorous ways as they learn to accept each other and themselves.”

Watch on Hulu