Rise Above is a podcast series powered by Pivotal Moments Media that focuses on telling the stories of adversity from people from all walks of life. Rising above is defined as not allowing oneself to be hurt or controlled, therefore we can either sit in the hardships that we experience in life or we can rise above them. Subscribe to join us on this journey.

Hosted by Dr. Jason Cormier


Achieving Goals through a Vision with NFL player David Holloway

In this episode, Dr. Jason Cormier speaks with special guest David Holloway, a former football player as they go through his journey and the challenges he had to overcome.

Randy Grimes on Football, Addiction, and Recovery

In the premiere episode of Rise Above, former NFL Player Randy Grimes speaks on how all his hard work and love for football paid off. Randy opens up about his battle with addiction, hitting rock bottom, and the road to recovery with the help of his Wife and Family. Learn how he helps families,…