“Music and Therapy go hand in hand.  As I travel around the world meeting people of all walks of life, performing and coaching, I am reminded that there may be no greater need in society today than that of creating and providing resources and music that fosters better mental health.  If Love is the great constant, we owe it to one another to strive for deeper, healthier mental living.


I love the heart and mission of Pivotal Moments Media.  In a world that keeps seeking for something deeper, I personally want to align myself with organizations that work to make this world a better place.  The team at PPM, breathes this philosophy…Purposeful, Mindful, Meaningful, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be part of that team!”

Jason Catron



Jason Catron began singing at the age of 2. His first song was “Jesus Loves Me” at his small church in Kentucky where he grew up. It was then, that his parents recognized his natural gift for singing and eventually enrolled him in formal voice lessons by the age of 7. The next year Jason started singing professionally, and continued singing all through his formative years in churches, political events, musical theater productions, and touring regionally doing solo shows as well as hosting his own 30-minute variety t.v. show throughout high school that aired in the tri-state region. 

Eventually he enrolled at Belmont University in Nashville, TN where he studied Music Business. After college he spent a few years working in artist management until one day he decided to quit his day job and pursue music full time. The very next day, he was asked to sing on the “Hour of Power” at the then famous Crystal Cathedral where he went on to become the biggest selling artist for the Cathedral. Jason spent the next few years touring as a solo artist all over the world by making a name for himself as a beloved tenor/crooner. Jason spent the next few years touring everywhere from the Vatican to Vancouver as a beloved solo artist and member of the Award winning tenor trio, Tenore. Today, you can find Jason inspiring audiences and fans with his new project as the Crooner of  Country by bringing the classic Country Songbook to life.