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Researching the Impact of Communication and Media with Sydney Brammer

“You can be impacted, really either way, by your media use.” In this episode, we continue our exploration of the relationship between media and mental fitness and the ways in which younger generations handle it.

Episode 3: Whitney Miller and Do I Have ADHD?

This episode of Uncomfortable with Ian McConnell features special guest Whitney Miller. Learn how Whitney won Miss United States, started a career in fighting, and then her career as a musician in this Pivotal Moments Media podcast.

MakerSpace NYC: The Spirit Of Sharing – Lightbeam

When Scott Van Campen’s art studio in Staten Island was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy the community rallied together to help him clean it up, inspiring him and his wife DB Lampman to create MakerSpace NYC, a radical-sharing artist community.

Finding Your Cause

Mara Gubuan, the Founder of Equality League takes us on a journey of how she went from being a tax accountant to finding her purpose by starting multiple nonprofit agencies focused on advancing women’s rights and gender equality in sport.

How to Envision Your Ideal Day

We sat down with Life Coach, Beth Shaha, to learn more about “The Ideal Day” Exercise. Practiced by our Her Journey Told Host, Sandy Lutton, we take a deep dive into how we can intentionally become our best selves, turn our dreams into reality, and fill in the gaps with mental fitness.

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Eric Nystrom

This week’s guest was the 10th overall draft pick in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft and made his debut three years later with the Calgary Flames. Eric Nystrom joins the show this week to discuss his path to success and the lessons he learned that have remained with him throughout his life. If you’re…

Episode 4: Abigail Osborn and Being The Bad Guy

This episode of Uncomfortable with Ian McConnell features special guest Abigail Osborn. The two chat about listening to their own music, when the art and the artist don’t match, dating friends, and reinventing themselves.

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Cameron Hughes

What makes you the most dedicated or biggest fan of something? Is it the memorabilia and the moments you can say you attended? Perhaps it's the level of emotion you show after a win or loss? In reality, while they may qualify you as a fan, to be the person that others see as “the biggest fan” you…

Championship Traits For Life – Leah O’Brien Amico

The greatest of all-time debate is something that never stops raging amongst sports fans. Like any true debate – in order to even crown a title like that – you must first set the standards – and that's usually where the conflict begins. Is it based on championships? Today’s guest has won two world…

Breaking The Cycle: Jools Walker – Lightbeam

When Jools rediscovered her love of cycling, she faced significant challenges, but, her passion and dedication to creating inclusive spaces for women in cycling kept her wheels spinning.

A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 5

Sandy and Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha continue the discussion of Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown. This discussion addresses key points of the final chapters including the need for belonging, showing up and being your true self, and cultivating meaningful connections.

Life After The Military: Dr. Crystal Redding

This week's episode of Life After the Military features Dr. Crystal Redding, a clinical psychologist who supported the Joint Special Operations Command - America’s premier counter-terrorism force.

Aligning Missions Externally and Internally with Dale Pfeifer, Founder and CEO of Goodworld

“Make sure that the whole person is looked after.” We are so lucky to be joined by Dale Pfeifer, who took time to stop by We Are Everyone to share insight from her journey to becoming one of the leading charitable entrepreneurs through the creation of Goodworld, a company that powers mission-driven…

Erin Washington finds balance with Squats & Margaritas

Erin Washington shares with us her incredible story of discovering her best self mentally and physically once she changed her definition of healthy. In this episode, Erin shares how she went through this process and found her purpose in sharing her journey with others.

Applying Positivity with Eliza McDevitt

“If we only focus on the negative, we are missing a whole half of the human experience.” In this episode, we are joined by Liza McDevitt, AAMS® and Financial Advisor at Raymond James & Associates, Inc., for a conversation about Applied Positive Psychology.

Open School: An Innovative Education Program Braeking Cycles – Lightbeam

Open School is so much more than just another after school program. They're breaking cycles and changing lives in the Portland, Oregon area.

A Panel of Wellness Entrepreneurs

This panel of all female wellness entrepreneurs share why those chose to become wellness professionals and the pivotal moments that led them to eventually go out on their own. They speak about the importance of their networks, how they learned to trust their instincts, and the importance of self…

Military Spouses, Serving Others, and The Emotional Rucksack

In this new Pivotal Moments Media Charlie Mike Channel episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie speak with Richelle Futch.

Life After The Military: Sergeant Major (Ret.) Matt Quick

Listen as Matt describes the value of networking early and significantly lowering the financial stress of a transition by getting to a debt-free state before departing the military.

Creating Gateways Through Self Awareness – Part 1

Are you as a therapist able to understand people’s pain in a real sense? Without that ability where are you going with that therapy session?” Miki Goerdt, clinical social worker, board-certified art therapist, owner of Emerald Leaf Counseling LLC and artist, joins the podcast to share the…

We Are Ocean: Suzanne Yeo – Lightbeam

Suzanne Yeo is an inspirational yoga instructor and breast cancer survivor from Camp We Are Ocean - an organization championing the restorative and healing powers of the ocean.

Innovation and Mental Wellness

“I think it's sort of a flywheel where we are possibly using social media and using the Internet in more and different ways.” Danny Dickstein, Brand Partnerships Manager at TikTok, and James Delattre, Associate Vice President for Research and Director of the Office of Entrepreneurship &…

Life After The Military: How do you handle physical and mental abuse?

In this Pivotal Moments Media Charlie Mike Channel episode of Life After the Military, learn how LTC (Ret) Olivia Nunn dealt with an episode of physical and mental abuse early in her 20-year military career.

A Mental Fitness Journey Through Music with Cecily – Part 1

Cecily, a musician, writer and healer, joins We Are Everyone for a special two-part discussion on the power of discovering your voice and silencing that inner critic. In this episode, she shares her journey as a vocalist and songwriter including how shifting her focus to music allowed her to…

Life After The Military: General (Ret.) Mike Eastman

In this week’s episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie interview BG (Ret) Mike Eastman, the Executive Director of the Army ETS Sponsorship Program. Mike talks candidly about the harsh realities and challenges of navigating the rough waters of the transition process if a transitioning…

Life After The Military with Howie Cohen

Howie Cohen, the Director of the Pivotal Moments Charlie Mike channel and a veteran of over 27 years of military service, shares how military schools and assignments helped him develop the skills and tools to transition successfully from the military. Howie provides very detailed advice and…

Life After The Military – David Tenenbaum

In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with former Air Force Officer, David Tenenbaum. David currently serves as a Director for Heroes Linked, a nonprofit that connects those serving, veterans, their spouses and Gold Star families with a national network of volunteer…

Life After The Military: Jon King and Sam Dreyer

We are privileged to have Sam Dreyer and Jon King from Microsoft to share the challenges and victories they experienced while joining the workforce after the military. Together, they have a combined 20+ years of service, along with their own incredible stories of mental health experiences.

Alex Gray’s Surf Therapy – Lightbeam

After suffering the unimaginable loss of his older brother, Alex Gray got back on his board. Now, Alex is helping others who are struggling with the loss of a sibling by hosting surf therapy days.

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Tom Renney, CEO of Hockey Canada

A continuous desire to learn and to be mentored is something that leaders all seem to have in common. This conversation with Tom Renney, the CEO of Hockey Canada, will deep dive on his beliefs on working with talented and passionate athletes, along with his core principles when it comes to…

WIN: Championship Traits for Life – Ryan Whitney

Which would you rather have: a long career as a pro-athlete or the #1 podcast in your sport in the world? Ryan Whitney accomplished both, through an NHL career and co-hosting Barstool Sports Spittin Chiclets.

Her Journey Told: A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 2

Sandy and Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha continue the discussion of Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown. This discussion focuses on the what you feel when you start to compare yourself to others and how it can impact your mental fitness.

Understanding The Mind/Body Connection with Beth Shaha & Jen Hampton

 Beth Shaha and Jen Hampton return to the Her Journey Told Podcast to talk about the mind-body connection.

Pursuit of Finding Your True Self with Jen Hampton

Jen shares her journey of fighting societal norms and finding her true self. After finding huge success in her chosen profession, Jen again took a huge risk and left her career to start her own company and pursue her passions in a completely different field where she is now a highly sought after…

Win: Championship Traits For Life – Sgt. Stu Edwards, Performance Coach

Our 2nd guest loves getting people to their peak performance so much, he joined the military in order to train and work with warriors. Stu Edwards, performance coach for athletes, teams, and humans, is up on WIN: Championship Traits For Life.

Soundboard: Music & Mental Fitness Across Generations with Auti

These two Pivotal Records Artists and Pivotal Moments Media Ambassadors open up about losing someone to suicide, the uphill battles they’ve had to overcome on their healing journeys and show us how mental health crises can arise in anyone- in any stage of life. The pair may seem very different on…

Episode 5: Andrew Hyatt and the Theory of Evolution

This episode of Uncomfortable with Ian McConnell features special guest Andrew Hyatt. The two discuss getting complacent, playing to strengths, and the side effects of self-awareness.

Life After The Military – Tony Crescenzo

Lee and Howie talk with former Marine, Tony Crescenzo. Tony currently serves as the CEO of Intelligent Waves and is highly engaged with the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Veteran Employment Initiative which has helped over 18,000 veterans find employment in the last eight years. Tony…

Life After The Military – James Jordan

In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with US Army Command Sergeant Major (Retired) James Jordan. James served for over 31 years as a noncommissioned officer and leader in the US Army Signal Corps. He currently serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operations…

Life After the Military: LTC (Retired) Ken Patterson

Listen to/watch this awesome new Life After the Military episode with our good friend and exceptional leader, LTC (Ret) Ken Patterson, if you want to have a low stress, high success transition to the private sector. Ken shares some absolute gold nuggets for all transitioning veterans.

Life After The Military – Colonel (Ret) Fran Trentley

In the latest episode of Life After the Military, COL (Ret) Fran Trentley provides spot-on guidance and advice for transitioning veterans. Listen to Fran describe his challenges with the transition process and upgrading the communications infrastructure at the White House Communications Agency in…

Exploring Music Therapy with Kelsi Tafaro

“Talk therapy allows a person to speak about their topics, but it may be too difficult to discuss. So, music kind of allows for a creative approach and a non-intimidating approach.” Kelsi Tafaro, a board-certified music therapist, neurologic music therapist, special educator and executive director…

Life After The Military: Jay Santiago Jr. Colonel (Retired)

This episode of Life After the Military, features Army Colonel (Retired) Jay Santiago – who represents three (3) generations of Army Officers (Jay, his father, and his two sons). Jay provides his insights into the transition process, shares his lessons learned, and describes how he treated it as a…

Life After The Military: Mike Black

U.S. Air Force Colonel (Retired) Mike Black joins the podcast to share valuable lessons learned during his Air Force career; how he planned and executed his transition; how he applied his lessons learned to perform as a successful small company Chief Operating Officer in the private sector; and,…

Shoshanna French – Intuition Expert, Coach, Trainer & Founder of Simple Spirit

“To me, intuition is a way to navigate all domains of life.” In this episode, Jenn chats with Shoshanna French, coach and founder of Simple Spirit.

Life After the Military: Pete Tingstrom, LTC (Retired)

Pete shares how he leveraged the use of veteran services organizations to help him develop and execute his transition plan. Learn how Pete used the power and value of networking, which not only helped him find his first job after military retirement, but also led him to start his own business as an…

Life After the Military – Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE

Howie and Lee talk with Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE. Ash, a highly accomplished leader in the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, had a distinguished 21-year career that included special recognition with his appointment as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Sink or Swim: Llywelyn Williams – Lightbeam

When Llywelyn Williams was hit by a car, his life changed in an instant; however, as he lay in-hospital and adjusted to losing a leg, he decided he wouldn’t lose his dreams too.

The Strength of Speaking Up with Maurisa Potts

“Your voice is the number one powerful tool that you have and you have to use it to speak up.” Maurisa Potts, Founder & CEO, Spotted MP, joins us for an open conversation about the importance of speaking up and some of the tools that can be used to combat most of the challenges that have come up…

Championship Traits For Life – Coach Shawnee Harle

Just like an athlete's career, coaching can take many different roads with many different roles. Some of us get into coaching through volunteer work while, for others, the job is a calling. No matter the case, no two coaching journeys are the same – but, with that said, at the end of the day, the…

Soundboard: Country Artist Michael Ray

Country music singer-songwriter Michael Ray recently had his single “Whiskey And Rain” soar to the No. 1 spot on country radio. While his hard work and determination through the infamous covid quarantine gained him success, Ty Herndon sits down with him to get a look at the mental fitness practices…

Championship Traits For Life – Kevin Weekes

Growing up – we all dream of being pro athletes at some point. We all dream of making a heroic last-second play or reaching memorable milestones on the field of our chosen sport. As we get older, we realize that making an impact in the game isn’t limited to just accomplishing the dreams of our…

Life After The Military: Operation Mend with Dr. Jo Sornborger and Dana Katz

In this new episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie speak with Dr. Jo Sornborger and Dana Katz about the work they do with the Operation Mend Program at UCLA Health as part of the Warrior Care Network.

The 40 Year Old Picnic – Lightbeam

Mother and environmentalist, Sarah Jo Robinson, regularly cleans her local beach, finding single-use plastics buried over forty years ago.

Stronger than bullying (short-film) – Lightbeam

A touching story of one survivor’s resilience and healing after the trauma of bullying.

Life After The Military: Mark Greene

Listen to retired Navy SEAL officer, Mark Greene talks about his challenges with transition, traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress, and how he sought help consistently throughout his life to overcome obstacles and achieve success in everything he did.

A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 4

Sandy and Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha continue the discussion of Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown.

A Story of Fortitude, Purpose & Joy

Lauri Burns & Peter Olsen share with us the amazing journey of how they survived and thrived despite their horrific childhoods, how they found purpose and joy helping others like them, and how their lives divinely intersected. They walk us through their discovery of how their experiences should…

Soundboard: CMT’s Cody Alan on Listening, Life and Love

These two Pivotal Records Artists and Pivotal Moments Media Ambassadors open up about losing someone to suicide, the uphill battles they’ve had to overcome on their healing journeys and show us how mental health crises can arise in anyone- in any stage of life. The pair may seem very different on…

Cook School: Nancy Gould Teaches Inmates How to Deliver a Fine-Dining Experience – Lightbeam

Nancy Gould’s vocational class, “Cook School,” is changing lives for inmates at North Carolina’s Orange Correctional Center.

Episode 2: Maddy Hicks and the Scientific Method

Ian is joined by special guest and artist Maddy Hicks in this episode of Uncomfortable with Ian McConnell.

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Representative Patrick Murphy

When you hear the word leadership, what comes to mind? Do you think of a specific person that influenced your life, or do you dive into descriptive words like decisive, dedicated and diligent? No matter the case, being a leader is a privilege we are all faced with at times. This week’s guest has…

Finding Strength & Courage with Stacy Case

In this episode, Stacy Case shares her heart-wrenching journey from being diagnosed and then later un-diagnosed with MS as a result of a dental procedure.

How Gen-Z is Shaping Mental Health Coverage with Elizabeth Burns

“My definition of mental fitness is when my thoughts, ideas and actions all align.” Jenn welcomes Elizabeth Burns, a rising senior in journalism at Texas Christian University and host of the “Bubble Wrapped” podcast, to the show.

Stripping Down the Façade & Leading with Honesty

“Up at the top levels, they have to set the example to make the changes, because if it's in disarray up there, it's going to trickle all the way down to the bottom.“ Matt Davis, the president of Driftwood Leadership LLC, and Eric Hipple, an outreach specialist, author, speaker and NFL alumni, join…

A Mental Fitness Journey Through Music with Cecily – Part 2

“It’s not the external gaze that’s defining for you what fulfillment feels like in your life at this moment, it’s all you.” In part two of our conversation with Cecily - a vocalist, writer and healer - she continues to discuss how being a musician challenges and shapes her mental fitness journey.…

Her Journey Told: A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 1

Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha joins us in this multi-part series to break down best selling book Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown. This book has been referred to as the bible for how to understand and communicate your feelings and emotions. Beth highlights key points and how they apply…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Dr. Derick Anderson, Psy.D.

Almost everything Dr. Derick Anderson says in this interview is an insightful and impactful drop of gold. If you are a leader, coach, or athlete, this is 100% worth your time.

Life After the Military: Brad Thomas

In this week’s Pivotal Moments Media Charlie Mike Channel episode of Life After the Military we talk with a combat veteran, 5-time Bronze Star awardee (one with a “V” Device for Valor), and former Ranger and Delta Operator, Brad Thomas. In this very candid, open, and transparent discussion, Brad…

Advancing Education to Meet Societal and Mental Health

"These are interconnected crises that have come together over a very long period of time. The good news is tools are now available. Tools are now being built at a significant scale that can reach into places that they never have before.” Tom Davidson, the award-winning Founder and CEO of EVERFI,…

Life After the Military: Madeline Moulder

Do you want to meet a Superhero? Are you a Military Spouse? Meet the military spouse version of Captain America: Madeline Moulder! In this episode of Life After the Military, Howie and Lee talk with military spouse, Madeline Moulder, the wife to former combat medic, Sergeant Jeremy Moulder.

Life After The Military – Ed Abner

In this Life After the Military episode, Lee and Howie interview Ed Abner, a retired United States Naval Officer and graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Ed shares his broad and deep experiences working in federal contracting in business development; holding executive…

Soundboard: Grammy Award Winner LeAnn Rimes

In the premiere of Soundboard, we’re getting to know international multi-platinum selling acclaimed singer and ASCAP award-winning songwriter  LeAnn Rimes like never before. She joins Soundboard host and fellow Grammy-nominated artist Ty Herndon for a conversation as these two longtime friends…

Amy Purdy: The Paralympic Snowboarder Helping Others Overcome. – Lightbeam

After losing her legs in a double amputation, Amy Purdy overcame the unexpected and returned to snowboarding. Now, she’s helping people with disabilities get into action sports!

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Adam Power

As athletes, we dedicate ourselves to being the absolute best we can be at our craft. No matter the field of play, for most, the journey eventually focuses on one sport. Adam Power was on the hot route to professional hockey before his dream was derailed by injury. Instead of turning to coaching or…

Championship Traits For Life – Tina Whitlock

Tina Whitlock is a tech fellow with the St. Louis Cardinals organization. A former all-American with the South Carolina Gamecocks -  a team she helped lead to the College World Series - Tina also played for the US National team in addition to making the professional softball ranks.

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – The Journey From Hockey To Hell And Back with Brady Leavold

Traveling to Hell and Back can hurt just as bad (if not worse) than a check to the head. Just as Brady Leavold was skating his way to a bright future of playing professional hockey, he hit rock bottom. And we’re grateful he found his way back to solid ground (well… ice, but you get the point).

Life After The Military: Becky Margiotta

U.S. Army Veteran Becky Margiotta joined the podcast to share how her time in the military shaped her; the transformational work she did with the 100,000 Homes Campaign; starting her own non-profit, The Billions Institute, to help other non-profits scale to change the world; and, how she…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Frank Buonomo

You hear it all the time, the journey is the gift. But what does that actually mean? This week’s guest, Frank Buonomo, worked in a power position in the NHL for over 20 years, and in this episode, he will share insight about his journey, who helped him along the way, and what commonalities he sees…

On Meditation With Sharon Salzberg (The Path to Inner Healing) – Lightbeam

Explore the path of the inner journey with New York TImes bestselling author and teacher of Buddhist meditation practices, Sharon Salzberg.

Life After The Military – Randy & Lorie Moore

In this episode, we talk with US Army Master Sergeant (Retired) Randy Moore and his wife, Lorie. Randy, CEO and Founder of RLM Communications, Incorporated, and Lorie emphasize the value of using your personal and professional network, seeking out business mentors, and creating a small business…

Life After The Military: Marine Corps Colonel (Retired) Beau Higgins

In this new Pivotal Moments Media Charlie Mike Channel episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie speak with Marine Corps Colonel (Retired) Beau Higgins. Beau shares great insights into his planning and preparation for transition from the Marine Corps. Working as the Senior Manager, Military…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Mike McKenna

The life of a professional athlete can be hard. The life of a minor league athlete, one who moves up and down and around consistently, can be even harder. Our guest today, Mike McKenna played 550 games between the ECHL, AHL, and NHL with multiple teams. However, his demeanor and approach to life…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Coach Boris Sapone

Whats your why? Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you coach or play sports? Why do you go to school or work? Our guest today, Coach Boris Sapone, will show you the power of having an answer to that question.

Win: Championship Traits For Life – Doug Cifu; CEO of Virtu Financial and Owner of the FLA Panthers

We all would like to play owner of a professional sports team. We interviewed one instead… Doug Cifu joins us on WIN this week to discuss his past, present and future in professional sports and enlightens us on the power of NOT having an ego when it comes to business, athletics and life. What if I…

Life After The Military – Colonel (Ret) Jeff Worthington

“Use your last job in the military to prepare for your next job after you get out of the military” is one piece of advice Colonel (Retired) Jeff Worthington shares in this week’s episode of Life After the Military. Jeff, a 30-year Army veteran who recently retired in May of 2021, thoughtfully…

The “We” to “Me” Mindset Flip with Jose Velazquez

In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie speak with Sergeant Major (Retired) Jose Velazquez. Jose provides invaluable insights into his military transition preparation and execution.

The Power of Art and Mental Wellness with Kayleigh Bryant and Peter Maye

“The power of the art has a proven impact on our wellness.” Peter Maye, Co-Director, Arts in Foggy Bottom, and Kayleigh Bryant - Greenwell, Curator of 2021 Exhibition & Head of Public Programs with the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Renwick Gallery, join us for a discussion about how you can…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Susan Norton

They say that you need mind, body, and spirit to move forward in life. But what happens when your body fails you? Can Mind and soul still pave the way? Our guest today, Susan Norton, will prove to you that they can while also providing one of the greatest examples of human perseverance we have ever…

Life After the Military: Second Class Petty Officer Alfredo Torres

In this episode of Life After the Military, Howie and Lee talk with Alfredo about the work he does with the Virginia Department of Veteran Services as a Military Transition Regional Coordinator transitioning veterans. Alfredo transparently and courageously talks about his problematic transition and…

Championship Traits For Life – Mental Fitness, Football, and Podcasting with Captain Cons

Today’s guest is one of the hosts from the extremely popular podcast, Zero-Pod-thirty, on Barstool Sports. Connor Crehan has also served in the US Army, having graduated from West Point, where he was a varsity Quarterback for the Academy – following a stellar High School football career.

Defining and Maintaining Your Mental Fitness

“Different workouts work for different people; just as different therapy works for different people.” Sara Battista, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Saroya Tinker, NWHL defenseman, recent graduate of Yale, mentor and podcast host, share the importance of discovering the mental fitness approach…

Driven By More: Chris Hignell – Lightbeam

Chris Hignell became the racing driver he always wanted to become, despite losing sight in his left eye after a terrible accident.

WIN: Championship Traits for Life – Sergeant Major (Ret) Chris “Dutch” Moyer

No team has ever succeeded when those involved are only worried about themselves. It does beg the question though, How do you create a WE over ME mentality for your team? Our guest today, Sergeant Major (Ret) Chris "Dutch” Moyer will help craft you an answer.

My Summit Journey: Barbara – Lightbeam

Barbara is legally blind, and at No Barriers Summit, she had the opportunity to get her spark back and unlock her most resilient and tenacious self.

Championship Traits For Life – UCLA Health President Johnese Spisso, RN, MPA

We say at the top of every episode that we interview champions and trailblazers. While our show has a strong sports focus, we know that to learn, to truly “WIN”, we had to look just beyond athletics. Today’s guest is a champion in her field, a trailblazer in her field, and one of the most…

Staying Present in a World of Distractions

Beth Shaha, Certified Life Coach and Founder of The Grounded Canary joins us again to share some great insights and wisdom around how to stay present in a world of distractions. Beth helps us to see that we have a choice to live in the present moment. Instead of worrying about the past or future,…

Intention Not Detention – Lightbeam

Built on the premise of creating a safe space for children struggling in class, the Intention Room aims to reshape school culture into a healing space - where students feel loved, encouraged, and empowered.

Championship Traits For Life – Coach Matt Lisle

Watch any Disney sports film and you’ll most likely witness a heart-warming story of an underdog rising the ranks to achieve some form of greatness. We might not be Disney, but this podcast is going to tell a story like that – about how one man’s passion for his sport took him from being homeless…

Life After The Military – Laurie Moe Buckhout

In this Life After the Military episode, Lee and Howie interviewed Army Signal Corps Colonel (Retired) Laurie Moe Buckhout. Laurie, a graduate of James Madison University and their ROTC program, served for over twenty years in the military. Laurie shared stories and experiences from her military…

Life After The Military – Master Gunnery Sergeant (Ret) Vonzell Mattocks

Master Gunnery Sergeant (Retired) Vonzell Mattocks describes his Big 3 E’s: Education, Entrepreneurship, and Employment. Vonzell had a varied post-military career that included owning and managing an Express Employment Professional franchise; managing the execution of a Department of Labor…

Life After The Military: Skate for the 22 Foundation

In this episode, we talk with Bobby Colliton and Jonathan Demers who started the Skate for the 22 Foundation. Bobby and Jonathan formed the Skate for the 22 Foundation to reduce the tragically high number of military suicides by providing hockey, learn to skate, and skills development sessions, at…

Life After the Military: CAPT (Retired) Steve Jordon

Are you a military veteran or spouse who needs access to free legal services? Are you fighting legal battles with the Department of Veteran Affairs to increase your benefits and compensation? Are you interested in working for a non-profit organization that helps veterans and military spouses?

WIN: Championship Traits for Life – Rick Nash

Rick Nash, is a 15 year NHL veteran, former Captain, 5-time All-Star, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and current Director of Player Development for the Columbus Blue Jackets. This week on WIN, he shares his philosophies of leadership as a teammate, captain, coach, and member of his organization…

Redefining Meditation

Not a fan of meditation? We get it. Our minds are constantly racing with thoughts about our to-do lists, our pending errands, and our worries - sometimes it feels impossible to turn it off. Until now… Beth is a fan favorite on Her Journey Told, and she’s back with host Sandy Lutton to talk about…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Vince Papale

When you’re chasing a dream, the only one who can tell you that you’re done is you. While there may be many moments and obstacles that make you want to stop pursuing what may seem impossible, those that succeed have the will deep inside that whispers, “hold on.” You may know Vince Papale as the…

Championship Traits For Life – Ascending and Descending Mountains With Skier and Adventure Enthusiast, Ben White

When discussing life’s challenges, it’s common to hear metaphors about “climbing the mountain”, and reaching the “summit”. We also hear that reaching the peak of the mountain, while incredible, is just a moment and that we should enjoy the ascent as much as the descent. We are told to soar toward…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Col. (Ret.) Dave Duffy; Green Beret, Rugby Player

What do you think you will remember when you finishing your playing career? Colonel Dave Duffy has competed all over the world and has been a part of several high-performing teams. He joins the show this week to discuss an answer to the question above and to share his thoughts on mental fitness…

Agent of Connection – Lightbeam

William Cromartie is a BART station agent who finds meaning through the simple act of saying hello.

Championship Traits For Life – Christine Krall

Figure Skating Olympian & Coach, Christine Krall, has been on the ice arabesque-ing and coaching for a combined 49+ years, and today on our WIN podcast she taught us many pivotal lessons that we can easily apply to the way we approach life’s obstacles.

Randy Grimes on Football, Addiction, and Recovery

In the premiere episode of Rise Above, former NFL Player Randy Grimes speaks on how all his hard work and love for football paid off. Randy opens up about his battle with addiction, hitting rock bottom, and the road to recovery with the help of his Wife and Family. Learn how he helps families,…

Life After The Military: Janet Cruz M.D.

Janet Cruz M.D. is Family Medicine Physician, the author of Stay In Medicine and a former U.S. Air Force Officer. In our first episode of Crossing the Line of Departure, she shares her story of joining the military and how it prepared her for civilian life.

People Need People

Detroit Hives: Transforming Vacant Detroit Lots into Urban Bee Farms – Lightbeam

In East Detroit, Tim Paule and Nicole Lindsey are transforming their community one hive at a time.

Life After The Military – Jeremy Moulder

In this Life After the Military episode, Lee and Howie interviewed Army Combat Medic Sergeant Jeremy Moulder. Jeremy treated over 150 casualties in combat during his eight years of service until his medical separation due to being diagnosed with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress.…

Championship Traits For Life – Brad Thomas

Sacrifice and service are two words that those on teams and the military use often – but with drastically different meanings. No matter the arena, the group that understands the severity and calling of those words will be in a position to succeed.

Life After The Military – Matt Kellam

In this exceptionally powerful and informative episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with former Marine, Matt Kellam. Matt serves as the Dominion Energy Military and Recruitment Program Coordinator. Dominion Energy, a veteran friendly company, historically hires 1 of every 5…

A Conversation with Auti

Award winning singer/songwriter and PMM Artist/Brand Ambassador Auti Gillispie shares with us her journey as an emerging artist and how she uses her music platform to drive awareness around suicide prevention and to promote anti-bullying campaigns. Auti reveals the story that drove her to become a…

Alternative Happiness, Diego Chi: Mentoring Young Kids in Music – Lightbeam

Diego Chi is a musician and composer who found happiness by pursuing a lifestyle that allows him to live out his dreams. Now, he's sharing the power of music with young people through a non-profit mentorship program!

Women Helping Women Series with Tina Fox

Serial Entrepreneur, Tina Fox shares her journey from a successful career in Corporate America to taking a leap of faith into entrepreneurship.

Helping Military Spouses Find Stability

Military spouse and founder of the Pillar Foundation, Teresa Shick, shares insight from the challenges of her life after the military with Howie and Lee on this Charlie Mike episode.

Life After The Military: Army Signal Officer and Paralympic Athlete, COL (Ret) Patty Collins

Not only did Patty Collins complete an extraordinary 24-year career as an Army Signal Officer, but she also competed as a triathlete in the 2016 Paralympics held in Rio de Janeiro.

Expanding the Definition of Compassion with Her Journey Told Host, Sandy Lutton

“We hear, often times, the success story...but do we really get down to what were the obstacles that you faced...and how did you show up on the days that you didn’t want to? That’s where we really learn from one another.” Fellow Pivotal Moments Media member and host of the new podcast Her Journey…

From Investigative Reporter to PR & Media Guru and the lessons she learned along the way

Emmy award winning journalist and entrepreneur, Christine Haas shares with us her journey to becoming an investigative reporter to ultimately leaving her profession to start her own media consultancy. She speaks openly about the circumstances driving those decisions and all the lessons she learned…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Dan Blackburn

Mental fitness has become a major point of discussion in sports from the youth level to the pro levels. Like most “new” topics of conversation, there are a lot of opinions in addition to a lot of misinformation. However you slice it, it's clear that there is a stigma surrounding mental health. We…

Unwritten: This is Dharavi – Lightbeam

Dharavi does not typically make it onto the "must see" list for visitors, but Noa Iimura challenges these preconceptions with an intimate portrait of the local lifestyle through the eyes of selfless children.

Championship Traits For Life – Christopher Lee

Our guest today, Christopher Lee has more than 25 years of experience in political consulting, campaign management, Communications, and developing marking materials for candidates, national political party committees, and labor organizations. Chris is a partner with Foresight Strategic and is an…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Mark Rypien

Championship moments are often frozen in time via photos, video and achievement. However, they are just a moment. The road leading up to and the road after those moments are often filled with adversity, controversy and sacrifice. This week’s guest, 2x Super Bowl champion and MVP Mark Rypien has…

Life After The Military – Mark Clifton and AC Coley

In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with US Army Command Sergeant Majors (Retired) AC Coley and Mark Clifton. AC and Mark share valuable perspective about how to effectively transition from the military to government service, working in government contracting, and how to…

Hopeful Cases! – Lightbeam

Meet Will Boyajian - the New York City subway performer offering all his earnings to those in need.

Life After the Military: JB Spisso

JB Spisso, a retired United States Army Command Sergeant Major and former member of the elite special operations unit, the 75th Ranger Regiment, joins the Crossing the Line of Departure: Life After the Military podcast. JB shares his stories and experiences of transition; how he consults with…

Life After The Military – Darrell Williams

In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with US Army Master Sergeant (Retired) Darrell Williams. Darrell serves as the Chief, Military Human Resources, for the Defense Information Systems Agency. Darrell, a Master Certified Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker, started…

Life After The Military: Rob Blake

Rob Blake, a veteran of the United States Air Force, joins the Crossing the Line of Departure: Life After the Military podcast to share his experiences working in the government contracting world. Rob, co-owner and co-founder of Verium, LLC, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, provides…

Life After The Military: Colonel (Retired) Kirby Watson

Check out the newest Pivotal Moments Media, Life After The Military podcast with Army Colonel (Retired) Kirby Watson. Kirby is one of the finest, most authentic, and genuinely caring leaders that our co-host, Howie Cohen, served with during his 27+ year military career.

Soundboard: Love and Loss – Former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry

Former Mayor of Nashville, Megan Barry, joins Ty for a discussion about the twists and turns her life’s path has taken her on, and how she chooses to accelerate on the road of treating others with kindness. Megan opens about her upcoming book, What You Do Next, which reflects on the loss of her…

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols: My Blue Mind – Lightbeam

A man’s curiosity leads him to discovering the evidence of our intimate connection to the water.

Achieving Goals through a Vision with NFL player David Holloway

In this episode, Dr. Jason Cormier speaks with special guest David Holloway, a former football player as they go through his journey and the challenges he had to overcome.

The Grounded Canary

Beth Shaha, Certified Life Coach and Founder of The Grounded Canary shares with us her journey of how a mission trip to Romania changed her forever and led her down a path of leaving her career in the higher education industry to becoming a certified life coach. Beth provides great insights on how…

Championship Traits For Life – Lauren Ammon

Lauren Ammon, is a certified professional coach that has dedicated her personal life to helping student-athletes.

Adventure Heals – Lightbeam

A 3-part video series on the We Are Ocean program, which brings survivors together to share their journies and connect with each other and the ocean.

Redemption: The Rehab Centre in Port Antonio, Jamaica – Lightbeam

Dr. Paul Rhodes is providing hope and healing in Portland, Jamaica.

Fighting Food Waste With The Farmlink Project – Lightbeam

Millions of Americans face hunger every day, while extra produce rots on farms. These college students are changing that.

GIVE Cafe Bali | The Plant-Based Cafe That Gives Back – Lightbeam

Give Cafe is a 100% plant-based restaurant giving 100% of their profits to local Indonesian charities.

Life After the Military: Sergeant Major (Ret) Michael Quinn

In this week’s episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie interview Sergeant Major (Retired) Michael Quinn. An absolute MUST listen for transitioning veterans and their family members. Michael is a 2X LinkedIn Top Voice who created HireMilitary, the Digital Networking Professional Program…

The Core of Social Responsibility and Practicing Presence

If you were in a job that wasn’t fulfilling your passions, would you leave it to do something else? Jeff Linihan is the Co-Founder and President of Advocado, but before that he was a lawyer. In this episode, Jeff takes Jenn and our audience down a road of pivotal moments and valuable lessons he’s…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Phil DeCapito

Sometimes adversity isn’t the failures we face, but the mountains themselves that we climb on the rise to the top. This week, University of Pittsburgh’s Coach DeCapito, shares how young athletes and budding coaches can use the determination and GRIT developed on the field in order to take their…

Championship Traits For Life – Rob Jones

31 marathons in 31 days in 31 different cities. Even the thought of that challenge is daunting. We spoke to a man who not only achieved it, but he achieved it as a double-above-the-knee amputee, and raised a quarter of a million dollars for veteran charities while doing it. Our show is called WIN…

Life After The Military: Tim Cochrane, former Marine Corps Electronics Technician

Tim discusses his life’s journey from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as an electronics technician to American Corporate Partners (ACP), a national nonprofit organization focused on helping returning veterans find their next career through one-on-one mentoring, networking and online career…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Tackling Barriers and Blazing Trails With Carly Helfand

Carly Helfand is setting the example for women to always have a seat at the table in the sports industry. A table in which 84% of athletic scouts’ seats are occupied by men.

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Sam Ball

As athletes and coaches, we can often get lost focusing on our own path, our own goals, and our own struggles. In reality, no matter what your personality, past or purpose, none of us can succeed on our own. Our guest this week, Sam Ball, will serve as both an anchor and example of someone who…

Life After The Military – Retired Army CSM, Gerald Tyce

Retired Army Signal Corps CSM, Gerald Tyce speaks candidly and transparently shares his challenges with transition to the private sector, overcoming the stress of multiple combat deployments, and how he sought help and mentorship consistently throughout his life to overcome obstacles and achieve…

Championship Traits For Life – Breaking Through Adversities with Football Legend Ricky Watters

Football Legend Ricky Watters is a Super Bowl Champion, National Champion, motivational speaker, and inspiration to many in football and beyond.

WIN: Championship Traits for Life – Brian Covey

What is the first thing you tell people about yourself? Is it your accomplishments? Is it what you do for a living? Is it about your family? Our Guest today, Brian Covey, will make you rethink how you approach people in sport, business and life with his thoughts.

Championship Traits For Life – Dr. Cassidy Preston

Dr. Cassidy Preston of Consistent Elite Performance joins WIN to talk about how overcoming adversities during his time in sports had led him to a profession centered around helping others do the same.

Life After The Military: Steve Sosland

Steve Sosland, Chief People Officer of the University of Texas Tech University System, and former United States Army Airborne Ranger Officer joins the Life After the Military podcast. Steve shares stories and talks about his military and corporate experiences; leadership, coaching, and mentoring;…

Life After the Military: Michelle Penczak

You’ll want to listen to this week’s episode of Life After the Military podcast with military spouse and entrepreneurial business owner of Michelle Penczak Executive Assistants, Saavy Spouses, and Squared Away: Michelle Penczak.

Passion: When Curiosity Meets Community

In this new episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie speak with Sergeant Major (Retired) Topaz Navarro.

Learning to Discover, Process and Communicate Our Best Way Forward

“First, the self has to be excavated and confronted before you can possibly confront the rest of the world.” Julianna Wexler, founder of Parama, and Jared Schuster, holistic life coach and founder of Sparks of Consciousness, join host Jenn Sherman in discussing the importance of examining our…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Andy Neary

As athletes and coaches, roadblocks and hurdles in our journey are expected. However, those that garner the skill sets, mindset and mentors that teach us to get through those times is what ultimately makes us winners. Our guest this week, Andy Neary, helps to create winners.

College Is In Krista’s Future – Lightbeam

All students need to know that someone believes in them.

Making Mental Fitness an Everyday Practice

In this episode, Sandy discusses with her personal mental wellness gurus, Beth Shaha & Jen Hampton, what mental fitness means to them and how they incorporate it into everyday life.

Understanding What’s Happening on the Other Side of the Keyboard

“During the pandemic, you kind of had to face your mind.” COVID-19 was certainly a strain on all of us in one way or another and forced us to reckon with the importance of mental health. This re-evaluation was particularly prevalent in the transitioning workplace. Rayne Steinberg, Co-Founder and…

What’s Your Everest? – Lightbeam

What's Your Everest? is an annual celebration of people of all abilities. The weekend-long fundraiser builds camaraderie, confidence, and reminds attendees that what's within you is stronger than what's in your way.

Breaking Down the Impact of Media Messaging with Keiana King

“It matters how your audience receives the message.” Keina King, a strategic thinker, designer, brand lover, co-founder of Butta Digital Creative Studio and digital marketing copywriter at software supply chain automation company Sonatype, joins Jenn to discuss her creative method as a writer, the…

Taking chances and finding the life you want with Kris Perelmutter

Join us on a journey with Kris Perelmutter to learn how she found the courage to take chances and live the life she always wanted. She will share the struggles along the way and how she recognized her toxic environments and found the strength to change her situation.

Life After The Military: Don Gleason and Matt Scherer; Military Transition Roundtable

If you are a transitioning veteran or know any, you will get so much value from this week’s episode of Life After The Military with our guests and Air Force veterans Matt Scherer and Don Gleason – two highly successful veteran entrepreneurs who serve as the President and Vice President of the…

Fueling Your Emotional State

“The more you can learn to plan for and manage your own emotional state, the more you actually show up and perform at work.” David Rusenko, GM, Commerce at Square Inc. and Meredith Goldberg-Morse, Senior Manager of Social Impact at MTV, join us in the launch of Season Four of We Are Everyone to…

Supporting a Multi-generational Team with Tom Power

“Managing a company is like flying an airplane, you know where you want to go, but you’ve always gotta make adjustments depending on which way the wind is blowing.” Joining this episode is Tom Power, President and CEO of Sunshine Minting Inc., the leading domestic and global supplier of precious…

How to Find Mentors and Ask for Help

In this Pivotal Moments Media Charlie Mike Channel episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie speak with Navy Petty Officer First Class Mike Brown.

Life After Prison – Lightbeam

At an early age, Caesar Rodarte was forced to turn to the streets for a purpose. Life after prison is challenging, but Caesar is becoming a voice for positivity and change.

Lovable Marilyn – Lightbeam

Marisa Peer gives us a lesson on self-love, through the eyes of Marilyn Monroe.

The San Diego Highwayman – Lightbeam

For over 50 years, Thomas Weller has dedicated his life to rescuing people stranded on the side of the road. A hero of the highway - asking for nothing in return except that you continue to pay it forward.

Life After the Military: Jai Salters

In this week's episode of Life After the Military, hosts Lee Elias and Howie Cohen sit down with retired Navy Officer and founder of Act Now Education, David Goggins.

Pilot: Spencer Crandall/Goals

Ian is joined by special guest and friend Spencer Crandall in this first episode of Uncomfortable with Ian McConnell.

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – CPT(R) Ben Harrow

We’re not gonna hold back, our first episode of WIN is EPIC. Watch or listen to this interview with Ben Harrow and you’ll have the word perseverance redefined while also learning how to conquer past incredibly intense adversity. Let us know what you love and learned!

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Gabe Hunterton

Whoever said being smart and athletic were mutually exclusive, has never met this week's WIN guest. Meet Gabe Hunterton: Yale Graduate, D1 basketball player (who played in OVER 100 games), gaming program entrepreneur, and did we mention he's trilingual? He's joining this week to give us the rundown…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – John Moloney, Chief Commercial Officer at Bose

Iron sharpens iron. It’s a common phrase, but one that is not focused on enough as a tool for winning. This week’s guest, John Moloney, the Chief Commercial Officer for the automotive division at Bose, defines this statement in addition to giving us his perspectives of the importance of work,…

One Minute One Life: Susan Helmrich – Lightbeam

Susan Helmrich is a three-time cancer survivor who found healing and solace through swimming. Now, she's making waves with Swim Across America.

Life After The Military – Dr. Stacey Dixon

In the latest episode of Life After the Military, Dr. Stacey Dixon talks about her service in the United States Marine Corps as a Meteorology and Oceanography Officer, her challenging transition after an unforeseen medical retirement, and the passionate and fulfilling work she does in the education…

Creating Gateways Through Self Awareness – Part 2

Ask those emotions, before you push away, what is this trying to tell me?” We are back with Miki Goerdt, clinical social worker, board-certified art therapist and owner of Emerald Leaf Counseling LLC! In part two of this conversation, Miki dives further into the subject of self-awareness and how it…

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Mike Smith

"The Greatest Of All Time" is a title that is earned by more than just championships, rings, and records. It recognizes the amount of adversity a person overcomes and how they respond to their environment on their path to achieving legendary status. Mike Smith is the GOAT when it comes to Horse…

Soundboard: A Crystal Clear Reflection of Growth, with Ty Herndon & Crystal Lewis

We’re back with another episode of SOUNDBOARD featuring Grammy-Nominated & GMA Dove Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter, and Actress: Crystal Lewis.

Improving Our Mental Fitness with Financial Education

“There is a lot of anxiety about money…” On this episode of We Are Everyone, Libby Snyder, CFP, CPFA and Financial Adviser at Merrill Lynch, stops by the podcast to share the insight she has gathered on her path from teaching to helping people with financial planning. She explains how understanding…

One Minute One Life: Elizabeth Jameson – Lightbeam

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Elizabeth Jameson became an artist. She transforms her brain scans into pieces of art that challenge how the viewer perceives, the brain, disability, and illness.

Sensei – Lightbeam

Brenda Mayfield was betrayed by someone she trusted. Now, she empowers herself and others in her community through martial arts and self-defense. This is her story of resilience, survival, and healing.

Garnering Intentional Focus to Create a Growth Mindset

“These days you have to be an intentional practitioner and a reflective practitioner to help people get from point A to point B.” Dr. Lonzo Sasso, the CEO of LCS Strategies & Alliance, LLC, a strategic collective of services in Education Consulting, Player Development, Community Affairs, and Event…

Life After The Military: Natalie Oliverio

Natalie Oliverio, CEO of Military Talent Partners, joins the Crossing the Line of Departure: Life After the Military podcast to share how her time in the Navy helped her mature; how she helped veterans as a recruiter, talent manager, and mentor; how she started her own for-profit company which has…

Advocating for Mental Health in the Veterinary Industry with Dr. Katie Krothapalli

“As vet techs/veterinarians, we do have a personal responsibility for setting boundaries, finding resources, and doing what we need to take care of ourselves.”

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Riley Cote

We talk about the determination, mental fitness and GRIT needed to make it not just in pro sports but in life a lot on this show. Our guest today, Riley Cote, is a shining example of someone who did it in both arenas. Riley was an undrafted player who walked-on to an NHL tryout which resulted in…

Life After the Military: Captain (Retired) Ted Digges

In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie interview Captain (Retired) Ted Digges. A GREAT listen for active duty military members, transitioning veterans and military spouses – ESPECIALLY if you are interested in a financial management/services career!

Art Therapy – Tackling Our Challenges Through Expression

"What I found is that I really loved listening to their stories and learning all about how they used art as a way of processing their pain and expressing themselves and kind of communicating all of that to the world.” Kathryn Mullins, a Resident in Licensed Professional Counseling in Virginia with…

WIN: Championship Traits for Life – Matt Eversmann

Courage, commitment, and teammates can be found on sports fields and battlefields. US Army First Sergeant (R) & American Hero, Matt Eversmann, joins WIN! Learn about his story of survival, how it became the source material for Black Hawk Down.

Rise Above the Challenges with Jason Cormier

“Nothing is insurmountable.” Jenn is joined by a very special guest and new member of the Pivotal Moments Media team, Jason Cormier.

WIN: Championship Traits For Life – Randy Grimes

Once a star center for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Randy Grimes has an incredible life story to share involving his struggles with addiction and how he is now bridging the gap between other professional athletes and their mental fitness.

A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 3

Sandy and Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha continue the discussion of Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown. This discussion focuses on what you feel when you start to compare yourself to others and how it can impact your mental fitness.

Treating Your Employees with Respect

“Being an entrepreneur, you learn how to fail fast, but you also learn how to pivot quickly.” Two hospitality experts - Anastasia Dellaccio - Senior Manager - Community Impact and Philanthropy, Corporate Affairs at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Winston Lord, Storyteller and Ambassador, Founder of Lord…