We had the opportunity to talk with Jennifer Aupke and Carrie Zimmerman, Co-Founders of The Milieux Project. Jennifer and Carrie spoke about what it was like to be female pilots in the U.S. Air Force and the story and mission behind The Milieux Project – which focuses on empowering young girls to fly and spread their wings.

Learn more about The Milieux Project here: themilieux.org/


Carrie Zimmerman and Jennifer Aupke, Co-Founders of The MIlieux Project
Based in Jacksonville Florida, The Milieux Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and outreach program dedicated to increasing awareness and improving access to opportunities in aviation for girls and boys. With 52% of our population being women, it is not logical that percentages of women in the military have stayed the same (18-20%) since 2005, and percentages of women in aviation have decreased (hovering at 5%). We link these issues to lack of access and societal perceptions of occupational danger and exclusivity – which is hardly ever true! We aim to create community, discover obstacles and advocate for #sistersinservice #womeninaviation #minoritiesinservice for those passionate about creating change. We hope you join us!

Team Wellness: Flying planes