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In the latest episode of Life After the Military, Dr. Stacey Dixon talks about her service in the United States Marine Corps as a Meteorology and Oceanography Officer, her challenging transition after an unforeseen medical retirement, and the passionate and fulfilling work she does in the education field. As the Director, Veterans and Military Program with National Louis University, Dr. Dixon helps student veterans adjust to the campus environment to build and execute their plan for their future.


National Defense University Veteran and Military Program:

Student Veterans of America:

Show notes:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:50 Lee introduces Stacey Dixon

01:50 Stacey describes how her military service shaped her

09:32 Stacey talks about her transition experience and provides great perspective for others going through the process

20:11 Stacey shares her challenge with being medically discharged from the Marine Corps

25:35 Stacey talks about her decision to pursue a financial advisory career with Edward Jones

30:40 Stacey explains why she made a career change to go into the educational field with the Noble Network of Charter Schools and Junior ROTC in the greater Chicago area

36:58 Stacey describes why she pursued a career as a certified professional coach

47:00 Stacey shares some stories about young men and women that she coached and mentored

55:19 Stacey talks about her role and shares some stories as the Director, Veterans and Military Program with the National Louis University (NLU) system

1:04:50 Stacey describes how the NLU staff handles student veterans and their specific needs and challenges

1:12:02 Lee gives Stacey her book titles

1:14:00 Stacey talks about her challenges with mental fitness, being a woman in the Marine Corps, and how she handled them

1:27:34 Lee closes out the episode