Which would you rather have: a long career as a pro-athlete or the #1 podcast in your sport in the world? Ryan Whitney accomplished both, through an NHL career and co-hosting Barstool Sports Spittin Chiclets.

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In this episode of WIN: Championship Traits For Life, Ryan dives deep with us into his NHL career and the ups and downs that players experience as pro athletes. We also speak about some of the leaders that have shaped him throughout his life and also the keys to creating not just a winning organization in sports, business, and podcasting, but one where people can thrive continually.


Show Notes

Ryan discusses his hockey development through school and how it impacted his NHL career: 1:32

Ryan shares why culture is so important to sports and business: 6:56

Ryan talks about how he learned to overcome his adversities: 12:38

Ryan talks about being selfless: 17:30

Ryan shares stories of the leaders he had and learned from during his NHL career: 21:47

Ryan talks about being an authentic leader: 28:20

Ryan touches how organizations can change to allow their players (or workers) to reach their full potential: 30:05

Ryan comments on how understanding the motivation of players can help inspire them to their maximum performance: 36:55

Ryan discusses what skills he learned from his professional and youth hockey career and applied to Spittin’ Chiclets: 47:09