Championship Traits For Life - Lauren Ammon

Lauren Ammon, is a certified professional coach that has dedicated her personal life to helping student-athletes. After spending 17 years as a swimmer, Lauren entered into what would become a successful career in Human Resources for many years. What we find amazing about her, is in spite of her success in that industry, she decided to take the leap away from the safety net of a career she was accustomed to, and dive into coaching full-time. It’s a journey we set out to uncover during our time with her.

Lauren is the founder of Performance Reimagined, an organization focused on helping student-athletes reach their full potential.

WIN: Championship Traits For Life - The Journey From Hockey To Hell And Back with Brady Leavold

Traveling to Hell and Back can hurt just as bad (if not worse) than a check to the head. Just as Brady Leavold was skating his way to a bright future of playing professional hockey, he hit rock bottom. And we’re grateful he found his way back to solid ground (well… ice, but you get the point).

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After his life took a dramatic turn towards addiction, crime, homelessness, and jail, he began sharing his story of pivotal moments that changed his life.  He now spends his time educating others, and guiding those who are struggling out of the darkness.

Brady created and hosts “Hockey 2 Hell and Back” – a podcast that dives into mental health for hockey players, and is the founder of Puck Support, which has the mission of “Igniting Change In Mental Health & Substance Misuse By Setting The Hockey World In Motion while also Honoring Those Lost to addiction and suicide.”

WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Tackling Barriers and Blazing Trails With Carly Helfand

Carly Helfand is setting the example for women to always have a seat at the table in the sports industry. A table in which 84% of athletic scouts’ seats are occupied by men.

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During her time as a scouting assistant for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carly won a Super-Bowl ring, served as a recruitment specialist with UPENN football, and is a graduate of Drexel University’s top-level Sports Management program. She currently works for NBC Universal and is the founder and co-host of the Next Woman Up podcast, which highlights the journey of women in sports and the role that we all play in evolving that medium.

In this episode we explore the mentality it takes to pave the way for a career in the sports industry as a woman, the gender stigmas that still exist, and the resilience of the champion that is Carly Helfand.

Championship Traits For Life - Mental Fitness, Football, and Podcasting with Captain Cons

Today’s guest is one of the hosts from the extremely popular podcast, Zero-Pod-thirty, on Barstool Sports. Connor Crehan has also served in the US Army, having graduated from West Point, where he was a varsity Quarterback for the Academy – following a stellar High School football career. Above all, Captain Con, or Con as he’s known on Twitter, is clearly a mental fitness advocate, and we dove into that with him on WIN.

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Championship Traits For Life - Ascending and Descending Mountains With Skier and Adventure Enthusiast, Ben White

When discussing life’s challenges, it’s common to hear metaphors about “climbing the mountain”, and reaching the “summit”. We also hear that reaching the peak of the mountain, while incredible, is just a moment and that we should enjoy the accent as much as the descent. We are told to soar toward our dreams and be humble in our approach. Ben White has done all of this literally and metaphorically.

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Ben has been an adventurer since a young age. Ben hiked and skied all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4000-footers at the age of 17 with no backcountry ski knowledge. In 2011 Ben attended the University of Utah and graduated with a geology degree, an atmospheric science minor, and earned undergraduate researcher of the year in the college of mines and earth sciences for his work studying how natural arches vibrate and degrade over time. It was also during that time he also learned to rock climb, ice climb, and fly paragliders. Simply put – Ben LOVES this stuff.

But, like most journeys, Ben’s path had its fair share of adversity. In our episode today we will navigate through some of the challenges he has had to overcome, both mentally and physically, and learn how he has used his experience to help others, as they quest through the odyssey of life.

Championship Traits For Life - Leah O'Brien Amico

The greatest of all-time debate is something that never stops raging amongst sports fans. Like any true debate – in order to even crown a title like that – you must first set the standards – and thats usually where the conflict begins. Is it based on championships? Today’s guest has won two world championships, three national championships, and three olympic gold medals.

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Or is it based on personal accolades? She is also a top-50 athlete in California history all-time, A three-time first-team all-American, a 3-time first-team academic all-American, a University of Arizona Hall of fame honoree, a national softball hall-of-fame honoree, and she holds the record for a batting average in a single college world series tournament, having hit .750.

While that resume, along with a selection to ESPN’s Greatest of all time softball team, probably qualifies our guest as a GOAT – we believe the true definition of that title comes not just from accolades, awards, and performance, but the type of person that you are – and our guest today has the resume to back that up too.

Our guest today, Leah O’Brien Amico, is one of the most prolific softball players of all time. In addition to everything mentioned above, Leah is also a professional and inspirational speaker with over 20 years of experience, a published author having written “Victorious” and “Softball, Glory, and God’s Story”, and an analyst for ESPN and Westwood One Sports and the host of “the gold standard podcast”. Amongst all of that, she is a dedicated mother to her three boys and is committed to empowering others to meet their potential.

Championship Traits For Life - Coach Shawnee Harle

Just like an athletes career, coaching can take many different roads with many different roles. Some of us get into coaching through volunteer work while, for others, the job is a calling. No matter the case, no two coaching journeys are the same – but, with that said, at the end of the day, the common thread that binds great coaches together is to teach, to motivate and to help athletes use sport as a vehicle for their growth as human beings – because winning – however you choose to define that word – tends to take care of itself when that happens.

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Today’s guest, Coach Shawnee Harle, has nearly 30 years experience in  coaching which includes appearances at the World University games, the FIBA Americas, the World Championships and two olympic games as the assistant coach with the Canadian Women’s Basketball team. In addition to her experience, Shawnee is also the most highly certified basketball coach in Canada and has accreditation as a Chartered Professional Coach with the Coaching Association of Canada, a Masters in coaching studies, and a level 5 certification with the National coaching certification program.

Even still, with all of her experiences a coach, Shawnee has spent recent years dedicating herself to the mental side of the game by helping athletes make sense of what’s going on in their head and heart in order to cut through the noise, and, as she puts it, unleash their inner tiger.

Championship Traits For Life - Rob Jones

31 marathons in 31 days in 31 different cities. Even the thought of that challenge is daunting. We spoke to a man who not only achieved it, but he achieved it as a double-above the knee amputee, and raised a quarter of a million dollars for veteran charities while doing it. Our show is called WIN and our channel is called GRIT – today’s guest is a beacon of both.

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31 marathons in 31 days in 31 different cities. Even the thought of that challenge is daunting. We spoke to a man who not only achieved it, but he achieved it as a double-above the knee amputee, and raised a quarter of a million dollars for veteran charities while doing it. Our show is called WIN and our channel is called GRIT – today’s guest is a beacon of both.

On July 22, 2010, Rob Jones – who served in the Marine corp as a combat engineer – stepped on an IED in Afghanistan resulting in a double above the knee amputation. 

Five days later, Rob was in Washington DC at the National Naval Medical Center, disconnected from the Marines and the mission. It was here, that a new mission began for Rob. 

Rob was introduced to other amputees who helped him to begin crafting a new path of perseverance – and thats exactly the path Rob followed.

Since his injury, Rob has competed in Paralympic doubles rowing (earning a bronze medal in the process), he has trekked across America on a bike – a journey which took 6 months, and, as we said at the top of the episode, he successfully ran 31 marathons in 31 days in 2017.

Today Rob is a professional speaker, writer, philanthropist. His journey is nothing short of incredible and above all he is an inspiration and ambassador of the human spirit.

Championship Traits For Life - Coach Matt Lisle

Watch any Disney sports film and you’ll most likely witness a heart-warming story of an underdog rising the ranks to achieve some form of greatness. We might not be Disney, but this podcast is going to tell a story like that – about how one man’s passion for his sport took him from being homeless to becoming the only individual to coach at EVERY level in both baseball and softball.

Coach Matt Lisle, has a journey thats worth learning from. Matt is the most followed baseball and softball coach in the world. In addition to his coaching, Matt is also a successful businessman and a proud father and grandfather. His story will both inspire you and motivate you as you listen.

Championship Traits For Life - Brad Thomas

Sacrifice and service are two words that those on teams and the military use often – but with drastically different meanings. No matter the arena, the group that understands the severity and calling of those words will be in a position to succeed.

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Brad Thomas is the founder, songwriter and lead guitarist for Silence & Light – an all-veteran band that brings mental health awareness through music. Brad is also a former Army Ranger and Delta Force operator, having spent over 20 years in the service.

While Silence & Light has attracted grammy award winning producers and quite the fan base, the band has embraced the higher mission of giving back by donating their royalties to special operations, veterans and first responder charitable organizations.

He’s the first guest we’ve had on the show that we can say is both a Rock Star and a member of the tier-1 special operations.