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“Use your last job in the military to prepare for your next job after you get out of the military” is one piece of advice Colonel (Retired) Jeff Worthington shares in this week’s episode of Life After the Military. Jeff, a 30-year Army veteran who recently retired in May of 2021, thoughtfully planned, prepared for and executed his transition which included use of the DoD SkillBridge Program.  Jeff also talks very powerfully, candidly and courageously about how he overcame suicidal thoughts, depression and how he now manages and strengthens his mental fitness by telling others about his story.



Show notes:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:26 Lee introduces Jeff Worthington

02:00 Jeff describes how his military service shaped him

06:02 Jeff shares great advice about how he thoughtfully prepared for and executed his transition to the private sector

21:31 Jeff talks about how he used the DoD SkillBridge Program to help him prepare for his successful transition

26:30 Howie reinforces some of the things that Jeff did to prepare for his transition like developing his network and profile on LinkedIn

29:01 Jeff describes the screening criteria and decision-making process he used to make his post military employment decision

34:28 Jeff shares the “dirty secret” about the DoD SkillBridge Program – he describes how he set up his own program with CrowdStrike

41:08 Jeff describes his role at CrowdStrike (formerly McAfee)

44:35 Jeff talks about the strategy behind setting up his own limited liability company (LLC)

48:00 Lee gives Jeff his book title

51:07 Jeff talks very candidly and transparently about how he overcame suicidal thoughts and how he now manages and strengthens his mental fitness

58:04 Lee and Howie thank Jeff for being so thoughtful and vulnerable by sharing his story

1:11:38 Lee closes out the episode