In this week’s Pivotal Moments Media Charlie Mike Channel episode of Life After the Military, meet former Marine Tim Cochrane!

Tim discusses his life’s journey from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange as an electronics technician to American Corporate Partners (ACP), a national nonprofit organization focused on helping returning veterans find their next career through one-on-one mentoring, networking and online career advice and his current work with Tenova, LLC and Hire Military.

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Howie, Lee and Tim discuss the following:

  • A deep dive on the negative environmental factors surrounding veteran suicide
  • Discussion of Tim’s phenomenal work with HireMilitary
  • Discussion on building grit and determination through overcoming adversity
  • The beginnings of the ACP


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Show notes

00:00 Lee introduces Tim to the Pivotal Moments Media audience

2:38 Tim talks about his experience transitioning out of the Marines to the New York Stock Exchange as a technician in the 80’s

6:07 Howie mentions American Corporate Partners (ACP), an organization that mentors transitioning veterans for the corporate world

11:13 Tim describes his journey from the New York Stock Exchange to present

16:04 Lee quotes David Goggins, “don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done”

19:56 A discussion on grit and responsibility

25:51 Tim tells the audience how ACP started, and how the org works to help transitioning veterans

33:21 The discussion shifts to the incredible importance of finding purpose and value in daily work

37:25 Howie and Tim get real about veteran suicide

51:08 Tim talks about his business history in NYC and how he built a tailored strategic retention system for veterans within ACP

1:02:23 Howie discusses the current landscape of veteran transitions

1:07:51 Lee gives Tim the title for his book

1:10:04 Tim tells the audience how he flexes his mental fitness