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In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with former Marine, Tony Crescenzo. Tony currently serves as the CEO of Intelligent Waves and is highly engaged with the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Veteran Employment Initiative which has helped over 18,000 veterans find employment in the last eight years. Tony provides sage advice, guidance, and entertaining stories about his time in the Marines, providing leadership in corporate America, and how he wrestled with and strengthened his own mental fitness.


Intelligent Waves:

Northern Virginia Technology Council Veterans Employment Initiative:

Show notes:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:42 Lee introduces Tony Crescenzo

02:15 Tony describes how his service in the Marine Corps shaped him

29:34 Tony shares his experiences and stories about transition from the military and between several corporate positions

43:19 Tony talks about the need for business leaders to teach, coach, and mentor their teammates

50:06 Tony describes his experience as a strategy consultant with Achievance, LLC

59:50 Tony talks about leadership and the four pillars of his leadership philosophy

1:03:28 Tony talks extensively about the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Veterans Employment Initiative which has put over 18,000 veterans to work in 8 years

1:12:43 Tony provides insights for business owners into the value of hiring veterans

1:25:22 Lee gives Tony his book titles

1:33:05 Tony defines what mental fitness means to him, personal challenges he had and what he does to strengthen his own mental fitness

1:51:21 Lee closes out the episode