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What do you think you will remember when you finishing your playing career?

Colonel Dave Duffy has competed all over the world and has been a part of several high-performing teams. He joins the show this week to discuss an answer to the question above and to share his thoughts on mental fitness from his life as a rugby player, Green Beret, and business owner.

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When it comes to sports, too often the trophies, championships, and accolades become the focus. In reality, the true importance of sports are the people you experience the game with.

Our guest today has championed that as a Rugby player, Green Beret, and as a business owner.

Dave Duffy is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point where he played Rugby and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Management. He served for 21 years in the US Army as part of the US Army Special Forces as an Officer and Green Beret and had multiple tours in Africa, Southwest Asia, and combat experience in Afghanistan.

In addition to his accomplished military career, Dave is also a business development consultant and entrepreneur who owns several Tropical Smoothie cafe franchises which he operates with his wife, who is also the CEO of each location.

He is described by his friends as a leader, warrior, and a winner – and we are privileged to have him on WIN today with us.

Throughout this episode you may hear some minor issues with the audio quality, we promise the information you receive will be well worth the time.

Show Notes

  • Dave talks about his route to rugby and how it has shaped him: 2:08
  • Dave tells us about the best team he’s ever been on and talks about team bonding through shared experiences: 7:41
  • Dave discusses making comparisons to the military and athletics when it comes to attitude, teamwork, and competition level: 17:12
  • Dave explains the attributes he looked for when selecting green berets: 21:36
  • Dave shares his feelings on the current situation in Afghanistan: 26:39
  • Dave discusses the important qualities that transcend being in special forces and entrepreneurship: 35:24
  • Lee, JB, and Dave discuss the life lessons that come with being a part of a team: 46:03