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Almost everything Dr. Derick Anderson says in this interview is an insightful and impactful drop of gold. If you are a leader, coach, or athlete, this is 100% worth your time.

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Being an athlete at any level comes with its mental ups and downs. True strength for an athlete or coach, comes when they can express those challenges in an empowered environment – Dr. Derick Anderson helps to create them at the professional level.

Dr. Anderson is an accredited clinical and sports psychologist with over 25 years of experience in sports and performance psychology and mental health training and care in unique settings.

He has worked with athletes and teams within the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB and has also devoted his professional efforts to consulting the US Army and Army Corp of Engineers in addition to supporting first responders and elite law enforcement domestically.

To put it lightly, Dr. Anderson has an incredible amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to player performance and mental health, and we are fortunate to have had him with us on WIN: Championship Traits For Life.

Show Notes

Dr. Anderson tells us how he discovered his gift for sports psychology: 1:53

Dr. Anderson expands on what it means to be 1% better as an athlete: 7:48

Dr. Anderson discusses what he has seen in the movement to understand mental health and capabilities that may not have been evident in the past: 12:56

Dr. Anderson defines mental toughness and tells us what we can do to learn it: 17:51

Dr. Anderson discusses the necessity for a team bond in a winning culture: 23:13

Dr. Anderson talks about ego and how teams and athletes can harness ego for the good of the team: 26:24

Dr. Anderson discusses his process when working with athletes: 34:52

Dr. Anderson tells us how we can expand our EQ so that it positively impacts our game performance: 42:11

Dr. Anderson gives us an unnamed example of a time when an athlete faced his or her fears and overcame those challenges, and achieved success: 52:08

Dr. Anderson shares an example of a mentally sound team that wasn’t successful: 59:13

Dr. Anderson tells his favorite sport to work with: 1:05:00