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In this episode, we talk with US Army Master Sergeant (Retired) Randy Moore and his wife, Lorie. Randy, CEO and Founder of RLM Communications, Incorporated, and Lorie emphasize the value of using your personal and professional network, seeking out business mentors, and creating a small business family to drive entrepreneurial success.

Show notes

Show Notes:

0:00     Lee opens the podcast

0:44     Lee introduces Randy and Lorie Moore

1:55     Randy describes how his service in the military shaped him

5:00     Randy talks about the support he provided in multiple Special Operations Forces assignments

9:33     Lorie shares her perspective as a military spouse in a highly deployed environment

14:40   Randy describes how he prepared for and executed his transition from the military

16:58   Howie reinforces the value of developing a network contact list to assist with your transition

20:41   Randy shares his experience working as a government contractor for 3 years and how he used that information to start his own successful business

26:48   Lorie talks about how she handled Randy’s transition from the military

29:05   Randy describes how he grew RLM Communications, Incorporated and the value of leveraging the guidance of other trusted business owners

32:38   Howie discusses the different classifications of small businesses and the mentor-protegee relationship and their advantage when competing for government contracting support

36:30   Randy advises potential business owners to use the Small Business Administration website to stay current

37:50   Lee describes the value of seeking out mentors

40:28   Lorie shares why she decided to work full-time with RLM Communications and how she helped the company grow

45:12   Randy and Lorie define mental fitness and the things they do to strengthen their own mental fitness

48:41   Lee gives Randy and Lorie their book title