What makes you the most dedicated or biggest fan of something? Is it the memorabilia and the moments you can say you attended? Perhaps it’s the level of emotion you show after a win or loss? In reality, while they may qualify you as a fan, to be the person that others see as “the biggest fan” you have to have just one thing – passion. Our guest today took his passion to a level that had never been seen before…

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Our guest today, Cameron Hughes, is a professional crowd igniter and public speaker. In case you haven’t heard of Cameron, when we say professional we mean it – he has inspired crowds at the US Open, NBA, NHL, TV and radio programs, corporate events, and the Olympics. In addition to his work in person, Cameron is also the author of, “King of Cheer: Stories of showing up, getting up, and never giving up from the world’s most electrifying crowd ignitor.”

Cameron’s purpose in life is simple and inspiring, to energize others to just get up and live every experience to its fullest.