“There is a lot of anxiety about money…” On this episode of We Are Everyone, Libby Snyder, CFP, CPFA and Financial Adviser at Merrill Lynch, stops by the podcast to share the insight she has gathered on her path from teaching to helping people with financial planning.

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She explains how understanding the mind runs deeply through both professions and ties them together, including the toll that disregarding financial preparedness can take on people’s wellness. She also describes her own mental fitness perspective as well as why she has learned to surround herself with those who create a positive environment.


LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/libby-snyder-cfp%C2%AE-cpfa-092a5174

Website – https://fa.ml.com/maryland/bethesda/libby-snyder1/


Show notes:

1:47 Libby introduces herself and tells us about her journey from beginning as a teacher to becoming a financial adviser

4:04 Libby explains how her knowledge in education and psychology both relate to her skills as a teacher and financial professional

5:52 Jenn and Libby discuss how the lack of financial literacy in high schools contributes to poor financial decision making in college years

12:20 Libby poignantly answers the question, “how have you maintained your mental fitness and what does mental fitness mean to you?”

14:38 Libby explains that she finds people that align with her values by getting to know what’s most important to them.

16:25 Jenn asks the question, “How do you go about your day practicing mental fitness?”

20:00 Libby drops more wisdom and reminds us to care for those we may not know