“I’m on the hunt for some goals. I’m flip-flopping between taking everything too seriously and not seriously at all. I ask country music sensation and aspiring adult film star Spencer Crandall whether he is aware that strangers desire the life he lives. We also talk about numbers, which, as a math boi, gets me all hot and bothered. Some good shit in here. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy Uncomfortable with Ian McConnell (that’s me).”

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Show Notes

00:00 Ian on The Scientific Method and his song Fine

04:25 Learning How to Cook 

09:00 Pain and feelings are actually good

13:45 Maddy Hicks joins the show

17:30 Ian asks Maddy if she knows what she wants from making music 

21:20 Maddy talks about being honest and specific in her music

26:10 A conversation on embarrassment and writing

32:00 Maddy plays her most recent single Deadline

35:38 Close