Pivotal Moments Media ambassador and podcast host, Ty Herndon, discusses mental health and his new album, JACOB, on Bloom with Gayle Guyardo. The “Til You Get There” music video introduces the interview with a special shout-out to the album.

Ty is no stranger to struggle.

Some of his darkest days and comeback stories are what his music is inspired by. The loneliness he experienced turned into his incredible self-discovery journey detailed in JACOB. Ty mentions his song, “Lean In”, which encourages people to check in on their neighbors. A kind gesture can have a powerful impact on someone struggling.

Ty is determined to extract purpose out of his pain by creating music and content that matters. He explains how there is beauty in passing forward the gems of advice we learn along the way- one of the many reasons he has pursued the role as a Host for SoundBoard, a podcast by Pivotal Moments Media. SoundBoard is a podcast created within the Resilience channel that features high-profile artists and musicians and their mental fitness journeys. Ty describes the collaboration with PMM as a “perfect match”. Similar goals, values, and mission; to advocate for mental health.

Through hard work, great counseling, and a strong support system, Ty is a true mental fitness warrior. 

For more guidance and education on mental fitness, check out the MindCareKit bundle on our website. Thank you for the feature and interview, Bloom.