“Don’t assume that your experience is everybody’s.” France Hoang, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at boodleAI, and Chaise Schmidt, Tenant Advisory at Cushman & Wakefield, share their insights on empathy and how different generations in the workforce should embrace and be kind to each other. Both guests also discussed how leaders use mental fitness to drive innovation and entrepreneurship.

Join in on the conversation on how employers can help bridge the generational gap in the workforce through facilitating dialogue around mental fitness – because #WeAreEveryone


Show Notes:
0:00 Intro
1:47 Chaise talks about trends in workplace when it comes to employees’ mental wellness, disengagement or productivity
3:10 France also talks about how Covid and people being sent to work from home has impacted their productivity
5:16 France explains how the pandemic has affected positively and negatively the balance between work life and family life and where to draw the line
7:49 Chaise talks about mental fitness, what it is, how they practice mental fitness on a daily basis and how leaders use mental fitness to drive innovation and entrepreneurship
9:03 France talks about physical and mental fitness, three components of mental fitness, how he use it on a daily basis and how leaders use mental fitness to drive innovation and entrepreneurship
11:43 Chaise shares the feeling as you try to get a promotion in a pandemic or a job in a pandemic and also keeping your mental fitness
13:10 France also shares the process of getting a promotion or a job especially in the pandemic and being mentally fit
17:13 France talks about the different generations in the workforce and how they should communicate about the mental wellness even though they do have these different outlooks and experiences
19:41 Chaise talks about empathy and how the different generations in the workforce should embrace it and be kind to one another
21:20 Chaise also talks about the social responsibilities and how they feel now that they conduct business virtually without even shaking hands
22:22 France also talks about how it has been conducting his businesses virtually as compared to in person kind of business and the positive and negative impact it has o businesses
25:15 Chaise talks about the trends in the commercial real estate world when it comes to the hybrid, virtual or in person conduct of business
29:00 Chaise and France talk about mental wellness and how they can define mental wellness in their own terms
31:03 France shares some of the practices or resources that help him strengthen or flex his mental fitness muscles and what not to do
32:30 Chaise also shares her resources and practices that help her strengthen or flex her mental fitness muscles
35:58 France and Chaise share their last advice with people


Shows Mentioned:
Zoom is a videotelephony software program developed by Zoom Video Communications. The free plan provides a video chatting service that allows up to 100 participants concurrently, with a 40-minute time restriction.

Pivotal Moments is an edutainment 501 (c)(3) non-profit focused on delivering the message of mental wellness through innovative tools and programs.

At boodleAI, we want to connect organizations to the people who have a passion for their causes, products, and services.

goPuff is a digital delivery service operating in over 500 US cities through 200 fulfillment centers as of September 2020. Users can order items online or via the goPuff app and get the items delivered.

Amazon.com, Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington, which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Cushman & Wakefield plc is a global commercial real estate services firm. The company’s headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. Cushman & Wakefield is among the world’s largest commercial real estate services firms, with revenues of US$8.8 billion in 2019.


Quotes Mentioned:
“Mental fitness is being aware of the importance of mental strength.”
“None of us are our best when we’re physically tired and when we’re mentally exhausted.”
“It doesn’t serve employee’s interest, your interest or the organization’s interest to have employees become burnt out.”
“It is often the younger people who are most eager to get back to the next normal and who actually want to return to an office environment where they are surrounded by colleagues and peers.”
“Different generations need to appreciate where people are at.”
“Don’t assume that your experience is everybody’s.”
“Where you stand depends on where you sit.”
“Zoom fatigue is real.”
“People need people.”
“Nothing feels better than moving a project forward.”
“Mental wellness is having the level of mental fitness you need to do what you want to do day to day.”
“Comparison is the thief of joy.”


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