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In the latest episode of Life After the Military, COL (Ret) Fran Trentley provides spot-on guidance and advice for transitioning veterans. Listen to Fran describe his challenges with the transition process and upgrading the communications infrastructure at the White House Communications Agency in support of the President of the United States.

You’ll also learn about the techniques he used to decide to work for Akamai Technologies for over 15 years – he did his homework and made a great decision! Listen and learn from Fran.

Fran’s LinkedIn:

Show notes:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:31 Lee introduces Fran Trentley

02:51 Fran describes how his military service shaped him

26:35 Fran talks about upgrading the communications capabilities of the White House Communications Agency in support of the President of the United States

43:40 Fran shares his transition experience, creating evaluative criteria, gives examples of risk and reward, and provides great perspective for others going through the process

54:00 Fran reinforces the need to evaluate an organization’s leadership team and culture before you decide to join them

58:22 Fran describes why and how he worked for Akamai Technologies for 15 years

1:06:22 Fran shares how he applied the leadership and team building skills he honed while in the military to create success at Akamai

1:17:55 Fran provides insight into the corporate advisory work he does with Squirrel Compliancy Solutions

1:22:20 Lee gives Fran his book titles

1:24:10 Fran talks about how he manages and strengthen his mental fitness

1:32:00 Lee closes out the episode