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You hear it all the time, the journey is the gift. But what does that actually mean? This week’s guest, Frank Buonomo, worked in a power position in the NHL for over 20 years, and in this episode, he will share insight about his journey, who helped him along the way, and what commonalities he sees amongst top performers in sport and business.
Show Notes

Frank shares about his mentors and how they molded him and his career: 1:51

Frank discusses why its important to slow down and not burn out on your passions: 5:51

Frank discusses the importance of leaders taking time to take care of themselves physically and mentally: 8:51

Frank shares the importance of creating connections and understanding how to motivate people: 14:22

Frank talks about the importance of culture and how to achieve a great team culture: 18:50

Frank explains the importance of maintaining a team’s culture and bond: 28:01

Frank discusses roles and respecting each others’ roles on a team, as well as the issues behind comparing athletic competition to being in the military: 34:51

Frank talks about Sidney Crosby and some of the qualities that make him such a wonderful human being: 38:27

Frank shares what separates the top people he’s worked with from the rest: 42:42

Frank discusses advice for helping young people to break into sports: 47:18

Frank talks about the type of people Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette are and how the growth to their person brands is a testament to each of their character: 58:52