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In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with US Army Command Sergeant Major (Retired) James Jordan. James served for over 31 years as a noncommissioned officer and leader in the US Army Signal Corps. He currently serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for the Charlotte Hornets. James shares insights about transitioning from the military; the need to develop and maintain strong effective teams in a corporate setting; and his commitment to teach, coach, mentor, and give back to those around him.

James’ LinkedIn:

Show notes:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

0:37 Lee introduces James Jordan

2:35 James talks about his military career and how his experiences shaped him

12:20 James talks about how he prepared for and executed his transition from the military and his position with EPS as a government contractor

28:17 James describes how he applied his military leadership experience to develop a strong team in a corporate setting

33:43 Lee and Howie provides tips to veterans who are interviewing for a job

37:50 James describes the importance of having a plan when transitioning from the military

42:43 James talks about his experience running operations for the Charlotte Spectrum Center and the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets

49:27 Howie talks about the quality of James’ family

53:42 Howie and James talk about Howie’s parting gifts to the 35th Signal Brigade – the Lion Brigade

1:00:24 James talks about how he teaches, coaches, mentors and gives back to others around him

1:08:57 Lee gives James his book title

1:09:50 James defines mental fitness and shares ways that he strengthens his own mental fitness

1:18:07 Lee closes out the episode