We had the opportunity to talk with Raj Singh, Co-CEO of National Lampoon who discussed his journey from working on Wall Street to the entertainment industry in LA. Raj spoke about the history of National Lampoon and how the company has evolved over the past 50 years. Comedy is essential to people’s happiness.

National Lampoon has recently launched a new series, “The Brightside” and “Stupid Heavy”, to promote mental wellness through laughter.


Raj Singh, Co-CEO, National Lampoon.

National Lampoon expands the boundaries of the comedy universe, with projects that span film, audio, live performance, television, and beyond. Like its origins, our storytelling pushes the envelope of defining comedy, and presents humor we call the “twisted mainstream”. All conveyed through voices that represent the next generation of leading artists.

Team Wellness:
Meditation and Comedy.

Personal Wellness:
Meditation and Breath Work.

Book Recommendation:
The Alchemist.