“My definition of mental fitness is when my thoughts, ideas and actions all align.” Jenn welcomes Elizabeth Burns, a rising senior in journalism at Texas Christian University and host of the “Bubble Wrapped” podcast, to the show.   

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She discusses what brought her to this major and how that pursuit connects to her personal mental fitness journey. As a part of Gen-Z and future member of the media, Elizabeth also examines how the younger generation is shaping the progression of reporting and communication around mental health.



00:00 Jenn introduces Elizabeth Burns, a rising senior at Texas Christian University and host of the “Bubble Wrapped” podcast

1:45 Elizabeth explains the title of her podcast, discussing her roots in St. Louis and living in a “bubble”

4:12 Jenn asks Elizabeth, “what led you to decide to study journalism”?;  they go on to discuss the importance of writing in modern times

6:45 As a part of gen-z, Elizabeth explains how her approach to journalism is different from that of journalists in previous generations

9:11 The discussion shifts to the legitimacy of “street” journalism versus mainstream media, and the role of mental health in future journalism

14:58 Elizabeth defines mental fitness on her terms

18:36 Jenn and Elizabeth discuss how exposure to mental health and mental fitness themes much earlier in life has affected gen-z journalists

22:21 Jenn talks about how current audiences gravitate toward smaller, “micro” news outlets for authenticity, rather than large news corporations

27:04 Elizabeth leaves parting words for the PMM audience – how journalists can provide positive mental health content



“I like to do things that make me happy.” – E

“Everything I do, I try to have it aid in my mental fitness journey.” – E

“Being able to set yourself up for success… [and] be really in tune with yourself is important.” – J

“Once I became passionate about journalism, I realized that was something I thought would be fun for me for the rest of my life; which was really important to me.” – E

“…writing is something that a lot of folks don’t really have these days.” – J 

“We just need to smash the generational stereotypes.” – J

“Journalists aren’t just competing with news organizations down the street, anyone can be a journalist these days.” – E

“How can we bring authenticity and authority back to the media as well?” – J

“I think the future of journalism in the way we’re taught is very unpredictable.” – E

“My definition of mental fitness is when my thoughts, ideas and actions all align…” – E

“Alignment is where a lot of us get caught up…. Having the alignment of all your senses is important.” – J

“…understand how to quiet the voices that are out of alignment.” – J

“We’re aware of so much and we’re exposed to so much information… it can feel so disconnected…” – E

“Protecting your own light throughout your journey is like the most important thing.” – J