If you are a transitioning service member getting ready to exit the military, check out our latest episode of Life After The Military with LTC (Retired) Pete “Aloha” Tingstrom.

In this episode, Pete candidly admits that he waited way too long to start his planning to exit the military and what that cost him by creating unnecessary stress.

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Pete shares how he leveraged the use of veteran services organizations to help him develop and execute his transition plan.

Learn how Pete used the power and value of networking, which not only helped him find his first job after military retirement, but also led him to start his own business as an entrepreneur.

Pete gives great insight on the different work experiences he had that included government contracting, entrepreneurship, and taking on the challenge offing the campaign manager for an Army veteran running for Governor of the State of Hawaii, Lynn Mariano.

Learn how Pete uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to strengthen his mental fitness and deal effectively with his challenges.


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Show Notes:

00:00 Pete details his transition history; how taking a chance on LinkedIN led to his first government contracting role

08:15 Howie recaps the very important details and the steps Pete took to land his first contracting role; the group discusses the problem with feeling overly-responsible for your work

13:34 The discussion shifts to highlight the immense value of veteran service organizations (VSO’s)

18:35 Pete has experience in a variety of fields including government contracting, consulting, and even acting – in this segment he shares how his additional careers began and some strong lessons he learned in business

28:53 Howie reiterates Pete’s points, offering excellent advice on negotiating offers and self-valuation in government contracting

36:35 Pete dives into his work as a campaign manager for Lynn Mariano, candidate for Governor of Hawaii

42:23 Lee gives Pete the title for his autobiography (unwritten), then asks the question, “How do you manage and strengthen your mental fitness?”

49:53 The group remarks on servant-leaders like Pete, imploring the audience to help others

54:39 Lee closes the show