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In this exceptionally powerful and informative episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with former Marine, Matt Kellam. Matt serves as the Dominion Energy Military and Recruitment Program Coordinator. Dominion Energy, a veteran friendly company, historically hires 1 of every 5 employees with a veteran background. Dominion Energy has been in the top 10 of veteran friendly employers since 2008. Matt talks eloquently and with vulnerability about how he strengthens his mental fitness and how committed he is to help Dominion Energy take great care of veterans, their families, and create partnerships with the communities they serve.

Matt’s LinkedIn:

Dominion Energy:

Troops to Energy Jobs:

Show notes:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:42 Lee introduces Matt Kellam

02:22  Matt describes how his service in the Marine Corps shaped him

10:26 Lee reinforces the value of military service

15:12  Matt shares his experiences and stories about transition from the military and his experiences and struggles as a student veteran

26:55 Matt describes how he began to work with Dominion Energy and his family’s history with the company

32:24 Matt explains how Dominion Energy created strategic partnerships with the communities they serve

40:17 Howie and Matt talk about the Dominion Energy leadership team’s commitment to helping veterans

1:00:44 Matt describes the Troop to Energy Jobs Program which helps other employers build a military veteran friendly transition and hiring program

1:03:40 Matt shares Dominion Energy’s charitable commitment to veterans with a partnership to host an annual senior PGA tournament in the Richmond area

1:07:00 Lee gives Matt his book title

1:08:03 Matt defines what mental fitness means to him, personal challenges he had and what he does to strengthen his own mental fitness

1:20:02 Lee closes out the episode