In this episode, Dr. Jason Cormier speaks with special guest David Holloway, a former football player as they go through his journey and the challenges he had to overcome.

It’s no secret that coming from a family of professional athletes means others will have high expectations of your capabilities on the field. David Holloway was well aware of this when he commenced his football career by playing for The University of Maryland.

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Hosted by world-renowned brain surgeon, Dr. Jason Cormier; David Holloway joins us for a motivational episode of Rise Above. His story starts off with moments of discouragement, but he committed to his vision: achieving greatness and success in his sport. 

Flash forward and Holloway has proven himself in the NFL and as a motivational speaker time, and time again. When met with a challenge, he chose to Rise Above. Follow along as he takes us through his journey and learn his trick to reaching your wildest goals.  Check out his story in the full episode! 


Show Notes:

0:00 Introduction to David Holloway.

4:24 Family legacy and college football journey

25:50 Pulling through adversity with Vision of Greatness 

38:26 Mental Toughness and establishing a successful mindset

47:00 Visiting University of Maryland

50:00 David’s source of motivation

56:51 How to shape your life for success


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