Episode 5: Andrew Hyatt and the Theory of Evolution

Ian attempts to use the theory of evolution to improve his personal life, to varying degrees of effectiveness. Ian and Andrew Hyatt meet for the first time and discuss getting complacent, playing to strengths, and the side effects of self-awareness.

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Show Notes

00:00 Ian talks about the theory of evolution

06:30 Andrew Hyatt joins the show

09:15 Why Andrew and Ian are “night-people” and societal norms

13:40 Achievements and happiness

16:40 The two talk about their music

21:00 Therapy is good

31:00 A conversation on self-awareness

39:00 Close

Episode 4: Abigail Osborn and Being The Bad Guy

Ian attempts to minimize damage when delivering bad news. Abigail Osborn plays “Ruin Your Night” and the two chat about listening to their own music, when the art and the artist don’t match, dating friends, and reinventing themselves.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:50 Breakups and bad news

05:00 Ian plays his song “Her Heart”

09:00 Abigail Osborn joins the show and plays her song “Ruin Your Night”

12:30 Ian and Abigail talk about being the breaker-upper

38:00 Close

Life After The Military: Operation Mend with Dr. Jo Sornborger and Dana Katz

In this new episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie speak with Dr. Jo Sornborger and Dana Katz about the work they do with the Operation Mend Program at UCLA Health as part of the Warrior Care Network.

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Doctor Sornborger currently serves as the Executive Director of the UCLA Health Operation Mend Program. She is a certified clinical psychologist who has associated herself with UCLA  Health for over fourteen years.

Dana Katz is the Director of Community Engagement and Buddy Programs for the UCLA Operation Mend Program. Dana has worked with this program for over fifteen years. 

The Operation Mend Program is a partnership between UCLA Health and the United States military. In this episode, learn from Dr. Sornborger and Dana Katz how this program provides advanced surgical and medical treatment, comprehensive psychological evaluation and support, and intensive treatment programs for symptoms to post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury for service members, veterans, and family members. 


Show Notes

1:32 Dr. Jo explains her involvement in Operation Mend.

4:28 Dr. Jo Expands on the Resilience of the military family.

8:49 The scope of Operation Mend’s Care

11:45 Dana Katz shares her experience being with Operation Mend for 15 years and the organization’s origins with her family.

18:28 Dana and Dr.Jo discuss the community of buddies and warriors that Operation Mend has built.

22:57 Lee shares an anecdote about meeting some of the Band of Brothers.

36:53 Dana talks about sourcing “Buddies” for Operation Mend and the Importance of Warriors to seek help.

48:00 Howie Delves into the “Deadly Gap”.

58:54 Lee calls to action! “You are not alone”.

1:10:00 How our guests practice mental fitness in their lives.

Military Spouses, Serving Others, and The Emotional Rucksack

In this new Pivotal Moments Media Charlie Mike Channel episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie speak with Richelle Futch.

Richelle is a Marine Corps Veteran, current special operations military spouse, and advocate for military employment, preventative mental health care and reform. She has worked with members of congress on policy reform and has been invited to the White House on behalf of her work and advocacy efforts.

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An accomplished 4x published author, Richelle printed more than 10,000 copies and sold thousands of digital editions of her workbook Unpacking Your Emotional Ruck. 

In this episode, Richelle shares her experience as she transitioned from her active-duty tour by pursuing her undergraduate degree and working as a court appointed special advocate who provided the voice for children in the foster care system. Richelle emphasizes the importance of focusing on and serving others.

Richelle discusses the work she does with youth by using didactic training techniques to help them understand and overcome their challenges. Richelle also describes the work she does with military and first responder families. She talks about the family system and how each family member can be successful in our stress filled society today.

Richelle masterfully describes the work she does with families to build resilience and their ability to overcome adversity. Richelle talks about the work she did that led to the development of her workbook, Unpack Your Emotional Ruck.

Richelle shares about the challenges she faces as a spouse as she and her husband prepare for his transition out of the military.


Show Notes

2:14 – Richelle takes us through her transition out of the military and her advice for those going through it today

5:41 – Richelle talks about redefining purpose

8:54 – Lee and Richelle dive into serving others

17:25 – Richelle explains what it means to meet people where they are at

33:20 – Howie & Richelle discuss the importance of allowing children and teens to experience hardship in order to better prepare them throughout life

41:58 – Richelle explains what unpacking your emotional ruck means 

50:08 – Richelle discusses her husband’s upcoming transition out of the military and how they are preparing for it

57:08 – Richelle discusses how she practices mental fitness

Achieving Goals through a Vision with NFL player David Holloway

In this episode, Dr. Jason Cormier speaks with special guest David Holloway, a former football player as they go through his journey and the challenges he had to overcome.

It’s no secret that coming from a family of professional athletes means others will have high expectations of your capabilities on the field. David Holloway was well aware of this when he commenced his football career by playing for The University of Maryland.

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Hosted by world-renowned brain surgeon, Dr. Jason Cormier; David Holloway joins us for a motivational episode of Rise Above. His story starts off with moments of discouragement, but he committed to his vision: achieving greatness and success in his sport. 

Flash forward and Holloway has proven himself in the NFL and as a motivational speaker time, and time again. When met with a challenge, he chose to Rise Above. Follow along as he takes us through his journey and learn his trick to reaching your wildest goals.  Check out his story in the full episode! 


Show Notes:

0:00 Introduction to David Holloway.

4:24 Family legacy and college football journey

25:50 Pulling through adversity with Vision of Greatness 

38:26 Mental Toughness and establishing a successful mindset

47:00 Visiting University of Maryland

50:00 David’s source of motivation

56:51 How to shape your life for success


Book Release

The motivational autobiography of Dr. Jason Cormier, a nationally renowned brain surgeon, EDM artist, and Racecar Driver is out now.

Learn more about Dr. Cormier’s book here

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate Pivotal Moments Media earns compensation for qualifying purchases.

Redefining Meditation

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Not a fan of meditation? We get it. Our minds are constantly racing with thoughts about our to-do lists, our pending errands, and our worries – sometimes it feels impossible to turn it off. Until now… 

Meet Certified Life Coach and Founder of The Grounded Canary, Beth Shaha. Beth is a fan favorite on Her Journey Told, and she’s back with host Sandy Lutton to talk about what meditation is, and more importantly, what it isn’t. 

Learn how to redefine what “meditating” means to you in this brand new episode, powered by Pivotal Moments Media! 


Looking for some tools to amplify your moments of meditation? Get our MindCareKit – on sale now!


Show Notes:

0:00 Introductions and overview

0:50 Sandy’s wellness journey and initial thoughts on meditation

2:50 Beth’s take on meditation and redefining meditation

4:37 Journaling and letting go of rules

6:20 Meditation and using the five senses

9:00 Meditation is about what you need

11:35 Sandy’s struggle with being productive and how meditation can help

13:57 What’s important and going with the flow with self-care

 15:10 PivitolMomentsMedia and where to find Beth Shaha

The Core of Social Responsibility and Practicing Presence

If you were in a job that wasn’t fulfilling your passions, would you leave it to do something else? Jeff Linihan is the Co-Founder and President of Advocado, but before that he was a lawyer. In this episode, Jeff takes Jenn and our audience down a road of pivotal moments and valuable lessons he’s learned along the way as an entrepreneur.

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Watch the full episode to hear Jeff’s take on: 

  • Employee’s personal brand 
  • Empowering employees to pursue what they view as their personal social responsibility 
  • Broadening perspectives after using the culture index system
  • Flexing mental fitness muscles as an entrepreneur 
  • Practicing presence 


Show Notes

00:00 Jenn kicks off this episode with Jeff. He introduces himself as a lawyer who quickly realized his passion was in entrepreneurship. He dives into his media and marketing space, and how he set out to collect data in real time.

5:02 Jeff details how social responsibility plays into the vision of Advocado, and how he believes it’s important to help employees promote their own individual cause or what they view as social responsibility

8:55 Jeff and Jenn express their viewpoints on corporations assuming all employees want to work on their personal brand  

11:22 Jeff discusses broadening his perspective after using the culture index system. Jenn asks about finding balance between employee engagement and wellness while deploying culture index profiles.

15:10  Jeff reveals the first thing he looks at when someone applies for a job at Avocado, and how by doing this he’s able to build a high-functioning team.

17:30 Jenn brings up how large companies like Amazon are coming to large cities and are doing their part in the community, Jeff touches on the “PayPal Mafia” Effect and how great talent has the potential to pursue passions.

20:11 Jenn asks Jeff how he flexes his mental fitness muscles and how he navigates the grind of being an entrepreneur. 

24:15 Jeff briefly touches on the biggest challenge he faces when it comes to being present and connecting the mind and body. 

25:00 Jenn and Jeff close out the episode on a note about empowering others to pursue what they are passionate about. 

Soundboard: Love and Loss - Former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry

Life’s journey can lead you down an unpredictable route filled with many triumphs and tribulations. 

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Former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry joins Ty for a discussion about the twists and turns her life’s path has taken, and how she chooses kindness over bitterness and resentment. Megan opens about her upcoming book, What You Do Next, which reflects on the loss of her 22-year-old son Max who tragically overdosed, as well as how she saved her marriage and found joy again. Practicing mental fitness isn’t always easy, but it comes with great rewards and Megan is proof of that. This tell-all episode shows a side of the previous Mayor of Music City that we guarantee you’ve never seen before. 


Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

1:40 Ty asks the question “Who is Megan Barry?”

6:00 Megan and Ty discuss shame and substance abuse

14:30 Megan discusses her motivation for her upcoming book, What You Do Next

20:30 Megan speaks on finding joy

24:00 Ty asks Megan about the pivotal moments of her life

28:30 Megan tells Ty she does yoga for her mental and physical fitness

33:10 Close

Soundboard: A Crystal Clear Reflection of Growth, with Ty Herndon & Crystal Lewis

We’re back with another episode of SOUNDBOARD featuring Grammy-Nominated & GMA Dove Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter, and Actress: Crystal Lewis.

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In one of our most powerful episodes yet, Crystal and Ty discuss the importance of reflecting on big changes and pivotal moments as they make us realize the growth we experience in our personal lives. Leaning in and Listening to others is often discussed on our show, but Crystal delivers a new perspective which is also reflected in her music. Tune in for this groundbreaking discussion and for a closer look into her latest album, Together We Can, and a breakdown of Ty & Crystal’s song “Everybody Hurts”


Check out Everybody Hurts by Crystal Lewis and Ty Herndon


Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

00:50 Crystal introduces herself

06:00 Crystal discusses what instilled fear in her

9:45 Ty asks Crystal if she has seen a change in herself 

11:00 Crystal discusses her pivotal moments

16:30 How walking helps Crystal clear her head 

17:40 Ty asks Crystal what she would tell herself at 16 years old

21:30 Crystal discusses her new album, Together We Can

27:30 Pain should make us grateful for each other

29:50 Ty and Crystal discuss their song together, Everybody Hurts

33:10 Close

Soundboard: CMT’s Cody Alan on Listening, Life and Love

On Soundboard we often talk about turning down the negative, and turning up the positive voices in our life- what we listen to always impacts our mental fitness. And what better way to amplify our voices with none other than CMT’s Cody Alan!

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On Soundboard, we often talk about turning down the negative and turning up the positive voices in our lives — what we listen to always impacts our mental fitness. And what better way to amplify our positive voices with none other than CMT’s Cody Alan? Cody is one of the most notable voices in hosting country music television and radio. He also recently published his first book, “Hear’s The Thing: Lessons on Listening, Life, and Love” in which he details stories of his self-discovery journey and becoming a more active listener. In this episode, Ty and Cody walk us through their mental fitness routines, how they both came out as gay and felt empowered to live their most authentic lives, and how they have both gone through struggles in dark times only to emerge in light and love.


Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

1:50 Ty and Cody talk about their friendship and some of the lessons they have learned

4:40 Cody tells the Pivotal Moments of his life

8:00 Ty asks Cody what he does to stay mentally fit

12:00 Cody discusses a failure

15:00 The two discuss their experiences being married to women and being gay

18:00 Cody talks about being a father

23:15 Cody touches on the stories in his book

30:10 Close