In this new episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie speak with Dr. Jo Sornborger and Dana Katz about the work they do with the Operation Mend Program at UCLA Health as part of the Warrior Care Network.

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Doctor Sornborger currently serves as the Executive Director of the UCLA Health Operation Mend Program. She is a certified clinical psychologist who has associated herself with UCLA  Health for over fourteen years.

Dana Katz is the Director of Community Engagement and Buddy Programs for the UCLA Operation Mend Program. Dana has worked with this program for over fifteen years. 

The Operation Mend Program is a partnership between UCLA Health and the United States military. In this episode, learn from Dr. Sornborger and Dana Katz how this program provides advanced surgical and medical treatment, comprehensive psychological evaluation and support, and intensive treatment programs for symptoms to post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury for service members, veterans, and family members. 


Show Notes

1:32 Dr. Jo explains her involvement in Operation Mend.

4:28 Dr. Jo Expands on the Resilience of the military family.

8:49 The scope of Operation Mend’s Care

11:45 Dana Katz shares her experience being with Operation Mend for 15 years and the organization’s origins with her family.

18:28 Dana and Dr.Jo discuss the community of buddies and warriors that Operation Mend has built.

22:57 Lee shares an anecdote about meeting some of the Band of Brothers.

36:53 Dana talks about sourcing “Buddies” for Operation Mend and the Importance of Warriors to seek help.

48:00 Howie Delves into the “Deadly Gap”.

58:54 Lee calls to action! “You are not alone”.

1:10:00 How our guests practice mental fitness in their lives.