From a farm in Pennsylvania to the CEO of Pivotal Moments Media, learn what cultivated Robert Morgan’s success story in this feature from Market Daily with Lillian Swift.

Growing up on a dairy farm and witnessing the hard work and hustle of his parents and grandparents, Morgan was exposed to a lifestyle that promotes hard work, and an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age. As his career path has changed through the years, the drive to create has remained. From his federal government career to creating consulting firm Morgan Franklin, and now Pivotal Moments Media, he has acquired a lot of excellent knowledge and helpful tips for other entrepreneurs.

Advice from our CEO

Morgan shares 10 pieces of advice for those on the entrepreneurial path. The core values, lessons, and motivation in his words make this article a must-read.

While Morgan has gained knowledge and experience in many industries, his most important piece of advice is to live and discover the person outside of the CEO. Pivotal Moments Media is built upon taking care of your mental fitness and that is something he lives by.

“Success does not make you immune from mental health issues. We all need mission, purpose, and connectedness.”


Remember to never lose touch with that kid on the farm in Pennsylvania.