Championship Traits For Life - Coach Shawnee Harle

Just like an athletes career, coaching can take many different roads with many different roles. Some of us get into coaching through volunteer work while, for others, the job is a calling. No matter the case, no two coaching journeys are the same – but, with that said, at the end of the day, the common thread that binds great coaches together is to teach, to motivate and to help athletes use sport as a vehicle for their growth as human beings – because winning – however you choose to define that word – tends to take care of itself when that happens.

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Today’s guest, Coach Shawnee Harle, has nearly 30 years experience in  coaching which includes appearances at the World University games, the FIBA Americas, the World Championships and two olympic games as the assistant coach with the Canadian Women’s Basketball team. In addition to her experience, Shawnee is also the most highly certified basketball coach in Canada and has accreditation as a Chartered Professional Coach with the Coaching Association of Canada, a Masters in coaching studies, and a level 5 certification with the National coaching certification program.

Even still, with all of her experiences a coach, Shawnee has spent recent years dedicating herself to the mental side of the game by helping athletes make sense of what’s going on in their head and heart in order to cut through the noise, and, as she puts it, unleash their inner tiger.

Life After The Military: Don Gleason and Matt Scherer; Military Transition Roundtable

Do you want to know a secret to success?

Do you want to follow a principle of the most successful people in the world?

Are you familiar with Napoleon Hill and his book Think and Grow Rich?

Ever hear of the Mastermind Principle?

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If you are a transitioning veteran or know any, you will get so much value from this week’s episode of Life After The Military with our guests and Air Force veterans Matt Scherer and Don Gleason – two highly successful veteran entrepreneurs who serve as the President and Vice President of the Military Transition Roundtable (MTR).

This veteran service organization applies one of Napoleon Hill’s principles of success: the Mastermind Principle. It simply states that if you want to achieve a level of success, you must surround yourself with people who have already achieved that level of success.


In the episode, Don and Matt explain how transitioning veterans will increase their transition success and lower their stress by doing the following:

  • taking control of your transition
  • Networking
  • Enrolling in higher education
  • Following through with connections
  • Researching companies and working to understand how their profits are made, and how your position fits into that equation


Matt shares why doing the following will increase your transition success:

  • Joining non-military groups
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Finding out the kinds of people you like to work with
  • Gaining technical skills in the military pre-transition/using LinkedIn to connect with people with those same skills


Learn more about the MTR:

  • The DISC personality assessment to start
  • How the group helps veterans understand what they want when searching for a new job
  • How having an accountability partner produces a staggering 500% uptick in the probability of reaching a goal



Don Gleason:

Matt Scherer:



Don Gleason: @DonGleason15

Matt Scherer:@Matt_scherer


The Military Transition Roundtable:

Scherer Communications:

Achieve New Heights, LLC:

Championship Traits For Life - Rob Jones

31 marathons in 31 days in 31 different cities. Even the thought of that challenge is daunting. We spoke to a man who not only achieved it, but he achieved it as a double-above the knee amputee, and raised a quarter of a million dollars for veteran charities while doing it. Our show is called WIN and our channel is called GRIT – today’s guest is a beacon of both.

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31 marathons in 31 days in 31 different cities. Even the thought of that challenge is daunting. We spoke to a man who not only achieved it, but he achieved it as a double-above the knee amputee, and raised a quarter of a million dollars for veteran charities while doing it. Our show is called WIN and our channel is called GRIT – today’s guest is a beacon of both.

On July 22, 2010, Rob Jones – who served in the Marine corp as a combat engineer – stepped on an IED in Afghanistan resulting in a double above the knee amputation. 

Five days later, Rob was in Washington DC at the National Naval Medical Center, disconnected from the Marines and the mission. It was here, that a new mission began for Rob. 

Rob was introduced to other amputees who helped him to begin crafting a new path of perseverance – and thats exactly the path Rob followed.

Since his injury, Rob has competed in Paralympic doubles rowing (earning a bronze medal in the process), he has trekked across America on a bike – a journey which took 6 months, and, as we said at the top of the episode, he successfully ran 31 marathons in 31 days in 2017.

Today Rob is a professional speaker, writer, philanthropist. His journey is nothing short of incredible and above all he is an inspiration and ambassador of the human spirit.

Women Helping Women Series with Tina Fox

Serial Entrepreneur, Tina Fox shares her journey from a successful career in Corporate America to taking a leap of faith into entrepreneurship.

She shares the pivotal moment that solidified her decision to make that change and how she redefined success for herself in the process.

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Show Notes

00:00 Sandy opens the show with an introduction to the “Women Helping Women” series featuring Tina Fox

3:13 Tina discusses how a heartfelt moment with her son lead her to leave a very successful corporate sales career to “do something different”

9:50 Sandy relays her own story of transitioning and how her husband helped to push her when she may have felt incapable of making the change

12:57 Sandy and Tina discuss taking a demotion in order to use their mental capacity to support the future you’re trying to create, and the reactions to their decisions

23:04 Tina and Sandy discuss fine-tuning your frequency to what you want to gravitate towards and a better way to look at pursuing your passions

29:49 Tina explains Women on Course and how she partnered with the company through starting her own private business group for women, to eventually become part-owner

35:40 Sandy shares her experience as an accountant at a Women on Course event 

39:03 The conversation shifts to the current state of ‘women helping women’

43:23 Tina explains how she was prompted by a friend to mentor and how she pushes more women to mentor as well

50:32 Sandy closes the show on a warm note; Tina tells us how to find her online

Rise Above the Challenges with Jason Cormier

“Nothing is insurmountable.” Jenn is joined by a very special guest and new member of the Pivotal Moments Media team, Jason Cormier. As if being a renowned neurosurgeon wasn’t enough, Jason also works with high level sporting organizations, has a background in music and is the author of his upcoming book, “Driven.”

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Needless to say, he has a lot of insight to share – which he does! Join Jason and Jenn for a conversation about the importance of life’s turns, addressing the challenges, deciding how to handle failures and more. Plus, Jason gives a preview of his book with a heartfelt story featured in its introduction! 






00:00 Jenn opens the floor Jason Cormier, a new host on the Pivotal Moments Media team

1:06 Jason introduces himself as a father and neurosurgeon, briefly discussing his diverse past in the racing and music industries

4:01 Jason explains to the audience how his work in the medical field led him to collaborations with high level sporting organizations, to write a book, and to create music as a producer

9:24 Jenn and Jason chat about music and how it relates to the mind in their everyday lives

11:11 Jason tees up his upcoming book, “Driven”, hoping to inspire people to push past adversity

14:29 Jason tells the audience how he defines mental fitness as power of passion, willpower and drive, noting that mental fitness is a state of wellbeing that includes the emotional, social, financial and the physical

18:43 Jenn and Jason discuss why people fail, noting contributing aspects including – bad parenting, social media, a negative environment and a lack of patience

22:43 Jason discloses a heartfelt story from the introduction of his new book 

28:20 Jason leaves parting words for the PMM audience

30:38 Jenn closes the show



“You can do anything you want.” – Jason

“Music stimulates the mind in so many ways.” – Jason

“Rise above those challenges of people telling you you can’t do something. And I think when someone tells you you can’t do something, it just means ‘look, I can’t do it with you’, but some way I’m going to make it happen.” – Jason

“I have a lot of failures… You have to choose whether or not you’re going to succumb to your failures or you’re going to learn from them.” – Jason

“Mental fitness is most well defined as a state of wellbeing.. Having a positive sense of how we feel, how we think and act.” – Jason

“Celebrate the failures.” – Jenn

“Unfettered access to the internet can really destroy someone.” – Jason

“Surround yourself with positive people.” – Jason

“Things are possible as long as you trust.” – Jason

“Nothing is insurmountable.” – Jason

Success is really just a lease and rent is due every single day.” – Jason

Championship Traits For Life - Coach Matt Lisle

Watch any Disney sports film and you’ll most likely witness a heart-warming story of an underdog rising the ranks to achieve some form of greatness. We might not be Disney, but this podcast is going to tell a story like that – about how one man’s passion for his sport took him from being homeless to becoming the only individual to coach at EVERY level in both baseball and softball.

Coach Matt Lisle, has a journey thats worth learning from. Matt is the most followed baseball and softball coach in the world. In addition to his coaching, Matt is also a successful businessman and a proud father and grandfather. His story will both inspire you and motivate you as you listen.

Championship Traits For Life - Brad Thomas

Sacrifice and service are two words that those on teams and the military use often – but with drastically different meanings. No matter the arena, the group that understands the severity and calling of those words will be in a position to succeed.

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Brad Thomas is the founder, songwriter and lead guitarist for Silence & Light – an all-veteran band that brings mental health awareness through music. Brad is also a former Army Ranger and Delta Force operator, having spent over 20 years in the service.

While Silence & Light has attracted grammy award winning producers and quite the fan base, the band has embraced the higher mission of giving back by donating their royalties to special operations, veterans and first responder charitable organizations.

He’s the first guest we’ve had on the show that we can say is both a Rock Star and a member of the tier-1 special operations.

Life After The Military: Colonel (Retired) Kirby Watson

Do you want to learn the lessons of what to do and what not to do IOT to have a low stress and highly successful transition from the military to the public or private sector?

Did you say “YES?

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Then check out the newest Pivotal Moments Media, Life After The Military podcast with Army Colonel (Retired) Kirby Watson!

Kirby is one of the finest, most authentic, and genuinely caring leaders that our co-host, Howie Cohen, EVER served with during his 27+ year military career!

Kirby spent 33 years as an Army Signal Officer and candidly discusses everything he did right and wrong

  • what he did wrong while transitioning – overscheduling interviews, not focusing on one area of need, not properly informing colleagues of the transition
  • what he got right – focusing on finding a good team, taking advantage of the TAP program, being honest about his health state, sourcing colleagues and job applications and honest company reviews through his LinkedIn network, carefully preparing for interviews
  • Discusses how he transitioned out as a veteran by taking the initiative to seek out mentors and carefully going through each step leading up to the job search process

Howie, Lee and Kirby implore listeners to

  • Be honest about medical needs during the transition
  • Put yourself and your needs (and the needs of your family) first
  • Connect with colleagues on LinkedIn and extensively research positions
  • Focus on team building rather than resume building

Kirby also shares advice and guidance for veterans looking to enter the government contracting space and what mental fitness means to him


Show Notes:

00:00 Lee introduces Kirby Watson, a decorated 33-year Army veteran

3:08 After 33 years, Kirby discusses what he did to prepare to transition – focusing on the TAP programs and educational opportunities available at the Pentagon

6:44 Kirby gets specific about what he did wrong while transitioning – overscheduling interviews, not focusing on one area of need, not properly informing colleagues of the transition

10:46 Howie relays an important point, that transitions are just as important for long-time servicemembers once they believe their military career has ended

14:09 The discussion shifts to the need for servicemembers to sometimes put themselves first – a difficult task for those who are trained to serve others

17:48 Kirby discusses what he got right – focusing on finding a good team, taking advantage of the TAP program, being honest about his health state, sourcing colleagues and job applications and honest company reviews through his LinkedIn network

22:48 The group recaps Kirby’s most important steps during the transition – owning the process, taking advantage of LinkedIn, starting as early as possible

27:45 Kirby tees up his final important steps during transitioning: careful preparation for interviews

32:40 Howie shares parallels between Kirby’s story and his own, imploring listeners to speak up for themselves and their health during their transition

37:28 Kirby shares advice and guidance for veterans looking to enter the government contracting space: ask questions and seek to understanding the language of the place you’re at, find a good team and constantly expand it

45:03 Lee relates to Kirby’s lessons on the extreme importance of networking/network-building

48:00 Howie implores veterans transitioning to learn about basic business principles for for-profit companies, noting the difference in the employment model of the military

52:18 The discussion shifts to business acumen over time

54:36 Lee gives Kirby his created book title

56:40 Kirby answers the question, “what does mental fitness mean to you?” – surrounding yourself with good people, maintaining a sense of camaraderie, and being careful about what defines you

1:07:13 Lee and Howie close the show, “never verbalize a negative thought”

Supporting a Multi-generational Team with Tom Power

“Managing a company is like flying an airplane, you know where you want to go, but you’ve always gotta make adjustments depending on which way the wind is blowing.” Joining this episode is Tom Power, President and CEO of Sunshine Minting Inc., the leading domestic and global supplier of precious metal and base metal mint products. Power chats with Jenn about his experience at the helm of the company including his approach as an ‘intrapreneur,’ the importance of allowing yourself the space to make mistakes and the true value of establishing community and a supportive culture among a multi-generational team. And, of course, he shares his definition of mental fitness! 

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Sunshine Minting Website:


Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction to Tom Power and Sunshine Minting, Inc.

4:00 Tom shares what led him to work for the Sunshine Minting, Inc. company, beginning with the historical NAFTA agreement between the US and Canada in the 90’s

7:18 Jenn asks Tom, given his extensive experience in leadership, “how would you define mental fitness”?

10:59 Tom discusses how the company structure allowed him to develop himself as an ‘intrapreneur’, allowing him the freedom to make mistakes as well as setting up his confidence

12:19 Jenn discusses the dynamic landscape of the workforce, prompting a discussion about how there are currently four generations working together in the overall American workforce

17:47 Tom and Jenn discuss what they believe is a happy medium between the machismo-based definition of mental fitness, and the more empathetic and inclusive definition

23:15 The discussion shifts to the importance of putting together an effective team, and how the concept of accountability sometimes differs from generation to generation

26:00 Jenn and Tom discuss effective techniques they’ve used to learn in order to community effectively with multi-faceted teams

29:04 Tom discusses how he built a circle of trust to combat the self doubt he experienced after becoming a CEO, fortifying his mental fitness

31:00 Tom shares incredibly good advice for other company leaders to address mental awareness and wellness in the workplace – “establish the right culture” 

34:53 Tom leaves lasting words for the PMM audience

Life After the Military: Jai Salters

Do you know who David Goggins is?

Have you read or listened to his book Can’t Hurt Me!?

Have you seen/listened to any of his podcasts with Joe Rogan or Ed Mylett or the other great interviews he’s conducted over the last 3-4 years?

YouTube player


If you answered Yes to any of these questions, I want to introduce you to the David Goggins of Veteran Service Organizations: Navy Officer Jai Salters, founder of ACT NOW EDUCATION!

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then check out David Goggins on YouTube, read or listen to his book, Can’t Hurt Me, then listen to or view this Pivotal Moments Media  podcast episode of Life After the Military with Jai Salers as our guest! Jai and his story is amazing!

Learn how Jai consistently did the following:

– Overcame repeated adversity in his childhood and his life as a child in the foster care system and built a life of pure grit and resilience

– Pursued education as a way to better himself

– Committed himself to help active duty service members, veterans, military spouses and family members thrive and successfully transition to life after the military by creating and leading ACT NOW EDUCATION

– Flexed his mental fitness muscles 

– Never hesitated to seek help when he needed it







InstaGram: @jai_salters


Show Notes:

00:00 Lee and Howie introduce Jai to the PMM audience, noting his work with ACT NOW EDUCATION, an organization that has helped over 14,000 military members and families with educational resources 

3:03 Jai discusses what motivated him to create the organization while he was an active duty officer, starting with a series of awkward presentations 

8:27 Jai tells the story of how his personal family history affected his early years and eventual enlistment into the military on September 11, 2002

11:00 Howie and Jai discuss the David Goggins story noting some of the parallels between he and Jai’s backstory

16:11 Jai shares very intimate details of his early beginnings and experiences in the foster care system and how it influenced his will to overcome painful circumstances

23:23 Lee and Jai discuss how Jai’s experience has equipped him to impact others, and to see the signs of a hurting comrade

33:27 Howie shares an anecdote of an important comrade in his life

37:08 Jai discusses his mentorship work with organizations like Veterati and ACP, and the process of onboarding mentees

43:37 Lee, Jai and Howie urgently implore all transitioning veterans to ‘do it NOW’; get started on the transition process ASAP 

55:05 Howie tells the story of how a chance encounter at a networking event led to his compensation package being almost doubled

57:32 Jai tells the audience some of what he does to strengthen his mental fitness – positive self talk, taking a mental pause, enlisting people who can help him with the problem, etc. 

1:06:15 Lee transitions to Jai’s prospective book title, and Howie takes a stab at it also!

1:09:54 Show closing