A Recap of The Concert For Love and Acceptance

“It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love, or how you love. It matters only that you love.” – John Lennon

Last week, Ty Herndon’s Foundation For Love and Acceptance hosted its annual concert to support LGBTQ youth and celebrate #pridemonth with allies and fans at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. 

The lineup was exceptional, with incredible performances from Chapel Hart, Maddie & Tae, Terri Clark, Billy Gilman, and many more.

Our Ambassador and Artist, Auti, made an entrance and did a fantastic job showcasing her vocals and new music. (Her voice is just as beautiful live, FYI.)

Ty is a natural at hosting and performing. His energy and love are contagious. We are incredibly proud of both Ambassadors and Artists on PMM.

Pivotal Moments Media is proud to sponsor such a valuable event that provides powerful life-saving messages. 

If you would like to donate to The Foundation For Love and Acceptance, please click here. All proceeds go to the foundation directly. 

Our Mental Health Awareness Month Takeaways

As the official month of celebrating Mental Health Awareness comes to a close, we are highlighting some of our favorite pieces of advice moving forward.


Become an advocate for yourself and the people around you. Learn to use your voice and engage in conversations with supportive people. 

To advocate for yourself means to stand up for your future successes. 

Throughout your journey, remind yourself that you are not alone. PMM is here to guide you through challenging times with content designed to be a source of mental health inspiration. Check out our podcasts, ambassadors, courses, and MindCareKit (the perfect tool to end the month).


Prioritize your routines and create more productive habits.

“Just as habits like eating well and getting enough sleep can help us preserve our physical health, there are certain habits that can help us preserve our mental health too.”

Take time to figure out the most harmonious routine for you and your lifestyle. PMM offers courses and educational content to help navigate difficult times with more confidence. 


#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth may be concluding, but we will remain a resource & voice to all. ♥️

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental fitness is the core of Pivotal Moments Media. We welcome all to take advantage of our carefully curated content and resources on our website, designed to strengthen your mental health. In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, here are some resources from Pivotal Moments Media that can be great additions to your daily routine. 


The MindCareKit serves to inspire mental well-being. With hand-picked items and access to inspiring content, this kit is perfect for someone going through a difficult time, a gift for a loved one, or to encourage positive self-care. 


Our content is inclusive to all. From transitioning veterans to young professionals, our hosts create, curate and publish content to motivate more of us to take action on our mental fitness. Tune in to one of our podcasts on your next drive and tell us what you think @pivotalmomentsmedia! 


Education breeds confidence. Our courses and lessons provide a foundation for you and your mental health to thrive. Learn different strategies for communicating with loved ones and how to overcome mental health challenges.  


At Pivotal Moments Media, we believe in authenticity, resilience, and character. Each ambassador on our team brings unique, inspiring qualities to the table that enhance the message and mission we believe in. Check out their content and exciting new ventures! 

Learn. Act. Grow. 

NAMI is celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month with the More Than Enough campaign!

“It’s an opportunity for all of us to come together and remember the inherent value we each hold — no matter our diagnosis, appearance, socioeconomic status, background or ability. “

Find your mental fitness inspiration with us and use the hashtag #MoreThanEnough in your social media posts. This is the perfect time to put you and your mental health first.

Introducing our Ambassador: Maxwell Worship

“Mental toughness is essential to success.” 

― Vince Lombardi


Former NCAA Football Player

We are delighted to announce the addition to our Pivotal Moments Media team, Maxwell Worship. Our ambassadors consist of talented artists, athletes, and influencers who use their platform to educate others about mental health. 

Worship’s values, integrity, and heart as an athlete and individual make him a phenomenal role model for our audience.

Route to Success


He grew up in Coral Springs, Florida, with extraordinary, influential role models that supported him unconditionally. 


Fun fact: His mother was named one of South Florida’s most influential black women in business and industry in 2017, and his sister Domonique is a lawyer for the NBA! 


Worship’s talents advance academically, as well. He majored in human and organizational development and graduated as a four-time honor roll member.

His Thoughts on PMM

“I like being a part of Pivotal Moments Media because they really are real-life superheroes. They aim to really make an impact in society and change the world in a way that makes the world a better place and a space for inspiration.” 

― Maxwell Worship

We are thrilled to add Maxwell Worship to our incredible Ambassadors whose services will reach far and wide, spreading a message of positive mental health and wellness. 

The Boot Features Highly Awaited Ty Herndon’s Love and Acceptance Concert This June

The wait is over. The Concert for Love and Acceptance is coming back live after streaming a virtual-only event for the last two years due to the pandemic. This article on The Boot features the latest on the event, along with much-anticipated lineup details. 

Bringing Mental Health and Music Together

Pivotal Records artist and PMM ambassador Ty Herndon and LGBTQ advocacy organization GLAAD are joining forces to support the community and raise proceeds for both GLAAD and Foundation for Love and Acceptance, which seeks to:  

“Support mental health, LGBTQ and other at-risk youth, and Nashville’s country music community.”

Photo credit: Jason Kempin, Getty Images


The concert is on the eve of CMA Fest, June 7, 2023, at Wildhorse Saloon. Ticketing for the event is available on Ticketmaster

The countdown has begun. Share the concert details with friends and family, and join us for a night of love and acceptance!

Auti Shares the Inspiration Behind Her Song for Suicide Prevention Week on Hollywood Life

Not only does Auti’s voice capture the attention of her fans and listeners, but it also spreads hope and awareness to those affected by suicide. In her “4 Years” music video, which premiered on HollywoodLife, Auti displays a heartfelt tribute to her friend, Luke. Auti shares the inspiration for her song and how she navigates the grief of losing someone to suicide with Jason Brown. 

Finding purpose in her pain  

As a mental health advocate, Auti demonstrates her support for those struggling in her lyrics. Suicide grief is devastating and complicated. Auti unpacks the conflicting emotions and pain she felt through heartfelt lyrics and a beautiful piano melody. 

“Through my music, I acknowledge the baggage that so many of us carry around and try to avoid – like a heavyweight.”, shares Auti. 

Creating a Message

This song is also a message to those struggling with the unanswered questions that come with losing someone to suicide. Many underestimate the number of people dramatically affected by suicide. Rather than focusing on what she lost, Auti leans into the love and light she shared with her dear friend. 

“Something that many of us deal with when we lose someone to suicide is the nagging question of if we could have done something to change their mind or prevented it, I believe it’s best to remind yourself of the love and light you shared while they were still here, and the meaning their life held doesn’t have to stop after they are gone. You can use that loss to save others.”

Auti is a remarkable young artist with a story that pulls your heartstrings. The loyalty to her friend and desire to make sense of her pain resulted in “4 Years”. If you or someone in your life is struggling, please call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

LeAnn Rimes Delves Into Mental Health In Ty Herndon's Debut Podcast Episode

Country music and mental health. Two worlds collide to create conversations around the struggles and successes in their mental fitness journeys. 

Pivotal Moments Media ambassador and Pivotal Records artist, Ty Herndon, is featured in this article by iHeartCountry Radio to discuss Soundboard – a podcast on our Resilience channel. The series mirrors the themes of Herndon’s new album, JACOB. 

“This podcast is all about using the power each of us has to turn up the positive voices in our heads and turn down those negative thoughts that creep in and sow doubt and despair. I’m looking forward to speaking with some of my amazing fellow artists in music and entertainment about how they stay mentally fit amid the chaos of all that life throws at them personally and professionally.”

They highlight the launch of the series with guest and country music icon LeAnn Rimes and the bond they share as musicians and friends. 

“… as these two longtime friends recall their first times performing together, complications in LeAnn’s career as a young star, details about their personal mental fitness journeys reflected in their new music, and more.” 

The beauty of this podcast series is the vulnerability component serves as a gentle reminder that mental health does not discriminate. High-profile, famous, successful people share the same mental health struggles as someone who works a corporate job. Tune in to hear the rest of this episode on the Resilience channel, powered by Pivotal Moments Media. 

Thank you iHeartRadio and Kelly Fisher for the feature.

Ty Herndon Returns to Tamron Hall Show to Discuss Road to Healing and Future Plans

Pivotal Records artist and Pivotal Moments ambassador Ty Herndon returned to the Tamron Hall Show to discuss the mental fitness journey that has led him to be the entertainer and person he is today. 

Defying the odds

Ty is the purest example of defying the odds. He never let his uphill battle with addiction reign victorious, despite finding himself in a dark place. Ty shares with Tamron how he prayed so long for an answer to his crippling pain that he went numb. This pain does not discriminate against age, talent, or fame. He was 59 when he realized his mental health was headed south. 


The smile behind the pain

Tamron plays a clip of a seemingly collected and poised Ty Herndon from a past interview on her show. Little did everyone know- it was during his most challenging time. His pain was unknown to everyone in his life, which is the takeaway Ty leaves us. Lean into those conversations and check on your loved ones; being heard can make all the difference. 

People suffering may not appear to be in pain on the exterior; Ty is an excellent example. As an entertainer, putting on a great show and making the audience feel alive is second nature.


Finding his purpose

Ty’s faith helped guide him back to a life of purpose. He explains to Tamron the biblical story behind the album name, JACOB, and what it represents in his life and career. Subscribe to the Resilience podcast and tune in to the Soundboard series hosted by Ty Herndon to hear more great conversations with other music industry professionals.

Episode 5: Andrew Hyatt and the Theory of Evolution

Ian attempts to use the theory of evolution to improve his personal life, to varying degrees of effectiveness. Ian and Andrew Hyatt meet for the first time and discuss getting complacent, playing to strengths, and the side effects of self-awareness.

YouTube player


Show Notes

00:00 Ian talks about the theory of evolution

06:30 Andrew Hyatt joins the show

09:15 Why Andrew and Ian are “night-people” and societal norms

13:40 Achievements and happiness

16:40 The two talk about their music

21:00 Therapy is good

31:00 A conversation on self-awareness

39:00 Close

Pivotal Moments Media and Recovery Club America announce partnership

Pivotal Moments Media and Recovery Club America announce partnership


  • Recovery Club America provides online therapies and mental fitness coaching 
  • Partnership changes behavioral health treatment and fitness model, filling gaps in services and expanding access in positive and constructive environments


Nashville, Tenn., January _____, 2023Pivotal Moments Media (PMM) and Recovery Club America announced today that the two organizations have partnered to expand access to behavioral health services, mental fitness coaching, and positive content and role models. Leaders of the two organizations anticipate the partnership will change the way people think about behavioral health treatment modalities, and that they will leverage each other’s strengths to fill gaps in services and expand mental fitness in positive and constructive environments. 


Recovery Club America provides online therapies and coaching to persons who have behavioral health challenges. The majority of people with mental health conditions or substance use disorders do not get treatment. Recovery Club America provides “anytime/anywhere” access to outcomes-based behavioral health services. Every “Club Member” has a personalized toolkit to achieve and manage their mental fitness, changing the way treatment gets done in major ways: People miss little or no work and don’t need to go to a clinic while achieving the results they need and want. 


PMM is a global entertainment and education brand that creates, distributes, and promotes entertainment and education programs that inspire and motivate people to become mentally fit, overcome adversity, and lead fulfilling lives. The company provides a learning and media platform for mental fitness changemakers, and uses influential brand ambassadors like Ty Herndon, Auti, and Cody Alan to connect with audiences – particularly young people – and create positive, lasting impacts in their audiences’ mental fitness. 


Recovery Club America’s CEO Kevin Lee stated, “Our Recovery Club America team is especially excited to work with the Pivotal Moments Media team. We are all about helping our Club Members achieve and maintain mental fitness and Pivotal Moments Media has valuable tools for folks to achieve and maintain mental fitness.”


A “Club Member” is anyone who uses Recovery Club America’s services. Recovery Club provides individual therapy services and unique “inner circles” which are online communities of like-minded people who benefit from group meetings, eLearning content and a “mental fitness dashboard.” In addition, Club Members have access to a supportive and private online community of persons with similar challenges and in which Club Members can make new friends, see educational and entertaining content, have chats and post messages. 


“We are excited about the number of people who will benefit from this new partnership between our two organizations,” said PMM’s President and Founder Bob Morgan. “Our synergy lies in the belief that you need to meet people where they are at, whether that’s at school, work, or home, to achieve optimum mental fitness. PMM’s entertainment and education model of positive messaging and mental health advocacy blends seamlessly with that of Recovery Club America’s digital delivery of behavioral health services. It’s a partnership that can change lives and just as importantly, normalize conversations around mental health and fitness.”


About Pivotal Moments Media:

Pivotal Moments Media recognizes that many people do not get the information and education to identify and cope with mental health issues early enough. Recent health reports indicate that we live in an unprecedented mental health crisis, and our youth are especially affected (HHS). The PMM platform curates and produces education and entertainment through its website, film, music, and other avenues with resources to encourage mental fitness. Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn / Website


About Recovery Club America: 

Recovery Club America is a social networking platform for individuals in recovery from addiction and/or mental illness. Recovery Club America members are empowered with digital tools, supportive content, games, and access to psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers and other therapists, and trained peer support specialists – all via their computer, tablet, or cell phone. The Recovery Club America mission is to help each Club member stay healthy. Visit recoveryclubamerica.com for more info and to sign up.