Pivotal Moments Media and Recovery Club America announce partnership


  • Recovery Club America provides online therapies and mental fitness coaching 
  • Partnership changes behavioral health treatment and fitness model, filling gaps in services and expanding access in positive and constructive environments


Nashville, Tenn., January _____, 2023Pivotal Moments Media (PMM) and Recovery Club America announced today that the two organizations have partnered to expand access to behavioral health services, mental fitness coaching, and positive content and role models. Leaders of the two organizations anticipate the partnership will change the way people think about behavioral health treatment modalities, and that they will leverage each other’s strengths to fill gaps in services and expand mental fitness in positive and constructive environments. 


Recovery Club America provides online therapies and coaching to persons who have behavioral health challenges. The majority of people with mental health conditions or substance use disorders do not get treatment. Recovery Club America provides “anytime/anywhere” access to outcomes-based behavioral health services. Every “Club Member” has a personalized toolkit to achieve and manage their mental fitness, changing the way treatment gets done in major ways: People miss little or no work and don’t need to go to a clinic while achieving the results they need and want. 


PMM is a global entertainment and education brand that creates, distributes, and promotes entertainment and education programs that inspire and motivate people to become mentally fit, overcome adversity, and lead fulfilling lives. The company provides a learning and media platform for mental fitness changemakers, and uses influential brand ambassadors like Ty Herndon, Auti, and Cody Alan to connect with audiences – particularly young people – and create positive, lasting impacts in their audiences’ mental fitness. 


Recovery Club America’s CEO Kevin Lee stated, “Our Recovery Club America team is especially excited to work with the Pivotal Moments Media team. We are all about helping our Club Members achieve and maintain mental fitness and Pivotal Moments Media has valuable tools for folks to achieve and maintain mental fitness.”


A “Club Member” is anyone who uses Recovery Club America’s services. Recovery Club provides individual therapy services and unique “inner circles” which are online communities of like-minded people who benefit from group meetings, eLearning content and a “mental fitness dashboard.” In addition, Club Members have access to a supportive and private online community of persons with similar challenges and in which Club Members can make new friends, see educational and entertaining content, have chats and post messages. 


“We are excited about the number of people who will benefit from this new partnership between our two organizations,” said PMM’s President and Founder Bob Morgan. “Our synergy lies in the belief that you need to meet people where they are at, whether that’s at school, work, or home, to achieve optimum mental fitness. PMM’s entertainment and education model of positive messaging and mental health advocacy blends seamlessly with that of Recovery Club America’s digital delivery of behavioral health services. It’s a partnership that can change lives and just as importantly, normalize conversations around mental health and fitness.”


About Pivotal Moments Media:

Pivotal Moments Media recognizes that many people do not get the information and education to identify and cope with mental health issues early enough. Recent health reports indicate that we live in an unprecedented mental health crisis, and our youth are especially affected (HHS). The PMM platform curates and produces education and entertainment through its website, film, music, and other avenues with resources to encourage mental fitness. Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn / Website


About Recovery Club America: 

Recovery Club America is a social networking platform for individuals in recovery from addiction and/or mental illness. Recovery Club America members are empowered with digital tools, supportive content, games, and access to psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers and other therapists, and trained peer support specialists – all via their computer, tablet, or cell phone. The Recovery Club America mission is to help each Club member stay healthy. Visit recoveryclubamerica.com for more info and to sign up.