Pivotal Moments Media ambassador and Pivotal Records artist, Auti, shares the inspiration and meaning behind her song, “4 Years” in this PEOPLE exclusive.

A story of love and loss. 

The music video displays an ethereal presence that carries the lyrics seamlessly. In the interview, Auti details that “[The song] was something that I wrote about my friend Luke to acknowledge that suicide is real and does affect everyone involved, but it was also mostly written as a message to him.”. There is an emptiness only people who have experienced a similar loss can relate to; Auti uses her platform to connect with her fans that may feel alone in their journey to healing.

As photos from Luke’s life shine around her, she plays the piano, and her beautiful voice tells the tragic story weighing on her heart. Director Jeremy Ryan and creative director Chrissy Yoder do a phenomenal job of encapsulating the emotions and love for her friend. This song and video are a testament to their friendship and provide a sense of peace, new beginnings, and closure.

The final chapter.

“There is so much love and light to be found in life, and it may take some searching, but it is out there.”

Pivotal Moments Media and Pivotal Records are honored to have you on the team, Auti.

If you or someone you love is experiencing a mental health crisis, Call or Text 988.

Additional resources for suicide prevention can be found at pivotalomomentsmedia.com