As the official month of celebrating Mental Health Awareness comes to a close, we are highlighting some of our favorite pieces of advice moving forward.


Become an advocate for yourself and the people around you. Learn to use your voice and engage in conversations with supportive people. 

To advocate for yourself means to stand up for your future successes. 

Throughout your journey, remind yourself that you are not alone. PMM is here to guide you through challenging times with content designed to be a source of mental health inspiration. Check out our podcasts, ambassadors, courses, and MindCareKit (the perfect tool to end the month).


Prioritize your routines and create more productive habits.

“Just as habits like eating well and getting enough sleep can help us preserve our physical health, there are certain habits that can help us preserve our mental health too.”

Take time to figure out the most harmonious routine for you and your lifestyle. PMM offers courses and educational content to help navigate difficult times with more confidence. 


#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth may be concluding, but we will remain a resource & voice to all. ♥️