Country music and mental health. Two worlds collide to create conversations around the struggles and successes in their mental fitness journeys. 

Pivotal Moments Media ambassador and Pivotal Records artist, Ty Herndon, is featured in this article by iHeartCountry Radio to discuss Soundboard – a podcast on our Resilience channel. The series mirrors the themes of Herndon’s new album, JACOB. 

“This podcast is all about using the power each of us has to turn up the positive voices in our heads and turn down those negative thoughts that creep in and sow doubt and despair. I’m looking forward to speaking with some of my amazing fellow artists in music and entertainment about how they stay mentally fit amid the chaos of all that life throws at them personally and professionally.”

They highlight the launch of the series with guest and country music icon LeAnn Rimes and the bond they share as musicians and friends. 

“… as these two longtime friends recall their first times performing together, complications in LeAnn’s career as a young star, details about their personal mental fitness journeys reflected in their new music, and more.” 

The beauty of this podcast series is the vulnerability component serves as a gentle reminder that mental health does not discriminate. High-profile, famous, successful people share the same mental health struggles as someone who works a corporate job. Tune in to hear the rest of this episode on the Resilience channel, powered by Pivotal Moments Media. 

Thank you iHeartRadio and Kelly Fisher for the feature.