Pivotal Records artist and Pivotal Moments ambassador Ty Herndon returned to the Tamron Hall Show to discuss the mental fitness journey that has led him to be the entertainer and person he is today. 

Defying the odds

Ty is the purest example of defying the odds. He never let his uphill battle with addiction reign victorious, despite finding himself in a dark place. Ty shares with Tamron how he prayed so long for an answer to his crippling pain that he went numb. This pain does not discriminate against age, talent, or fame. He was 59 when he realized his mental health was headed south. 


The smile behind the pain

Tamron plays a clip of a seemingly collected and poised Ty Herndon from a past interview on her show. Little did everyone know- it was during his most challenging time. His pain was unknown to everyone in his life, which is the takeaway Ty leaves us. Lean into those conversations and check on your loved ones; being heard can make all the difference. 

People suffering may not appear to be in pain on the exterior; Ty is an excellent example. As an entertainer, putting on a great show and making the audience feel alive is second nature.


Finding his purpose

Ty’s faith helped guide him back to a life of purpose. He explains to Tamron the biblical story behind the album name, JACOB, and what it represents in his life and career. Subscribe to the Resilience podcast and tune in to the Soundboard series hosted by Ty Herndon to hear more great conversations with other music industry professionals.