Soundboard with Ty


Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning country artist Ty Herndon hosts a new, ten-episode podcast featuring conversations with high-profile artists discussing their wins and struggles in their mental fitness journeys. The series is designed to mirror the themes of Herndon’s new album and will be released alongside the album this Summer.

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A Conversation with Auti Gillispie

Award winning singer/songwriter and PMM Artist/Brand Ambassador Auti Gillispie shares with us her…

What Resilience Channel Director and Pivotal Records Label Head,Tamara Alan, is listening to:

Brand Ambassador, Julia Cole     

“When I think of Julia and her music, the word that comes to mind is FORTITUDE.
Whether she is falling in love or breaking up, she doesn’t compromise. Yeah, she might be sad for a minute, but you’ll never find her wallowing in self-pity. Ultimately, you know she will come out stronger and better with every experience. I love her confidence – she knows exactly who she is and what she wants.  If I had a daughter, I’d be pointing at Julia and saying ‘watch her!'”

-Tamara Alan