Meet notable and emerging artists on a mission to help people thrive in life and overcome adversity.

New Show

Ian McConnell hosts this brilliant show about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Hear about how Ian and other guests deal with themselves through their art!

SoundBoardA Ty Herndon Podcast

Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning country artist Ty Herndon hosts a new, ten-episode podcast featuring conversations with high-profile artists discussing their wins and struggles in their mental fitness journeys. The series is designed to mirror the themes of Herndon’s new album Jacob.

Soundboard: Love and Loss – Former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry

Former Mayor of Nashville, Megan Barry, joins Ty for a discussion about the twists and turns her life’s path has taken her on, and how she chooses to accelerate on the road of treating others with…

Soundboard: A Crystal Clear Reflection of Growth, with Ty Herndon & Crystal Lewis

We’re back with another episode of SOUNDBOARD featuring Grammy-Nominated & GMA Dove Award-Winning…

Soundboard: CMT’s Cody Alan on Listening, Life and Love

These two Pivotal Records Artists and Pivotal Moments Media Ambassadors open up about losing…

Soundboard: Music & Mental Fitness Across Generations with Auti

These two Pivotal Records Artists and Pivotal Moments Media Ambassadors open up about losing…

Soundboard: Country Artist Michael Ray

Country music singer-songwriter Michael Ray recently had his single “Whiskey And Rain” soar to the…

Soundboard: Grammy Award Winner LeAnn Rimes

In the premiere of Soundboard, we’re getting to know international multi-platinum selling…

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Music, podcasts, and stories to inspire from artists who care

Channel Director, Tamara Alan brings us new music and amazing artists committed to mental health and fitness for all. Pivotal Records works with artists to inspire hope and resilience through lyrics, sound, and action.

“I know the struggles my friends in the music and arts industry face. What amazes me everyday is the passion they have for helping others. They inspire me to bring their stories and lessons to life.”

Tamara Alan and Grammy-Nominated Country Music Artist Ty Herndon

Featured Artist Story

A Conversation with Auti

Award winning singer/songwriter and PMM Artist/Brand Ambassador Auti Gillispie shares with us her journey as an emerging artist and how she uses her music platform to drive awareness around suicide prevention and to promote anti-bullying campaigns. Auti reveals the story that drove her to become a mental health advocate and the message she wants to share through her music. In this episode, our…

Thank God

We Broke Up

A Song About Self-Determination

“Breakups suck. But hindsight reveals the voice of reason on relationships. For everyone who feels a low point in relationships I want to give them inspiration to find the spark to move forward to something better – being true to what’s best for you.”

Julia Cole   

Recording Artist and Pivotal Moments Ambassador

“When I think of Julia and her music, the word that comes to mind is FORTITUDE. Whether she is falling in love or breaking up, she doesn’t compromise. Yeah, she might be sad for a minute, but you’ll never find her wallowing in self-pity. Ultimately, you know she will come out stronger and better with every experience. I love her confidence – she knows exactly who she is and what she wants.  If I had a daughter, I’d be pointing at Julia and saying ‘watch her!”

-Tamara Alan