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In this episode of Life After the Military, Howie and Lee talk with military spouse, Madeline Moulder, the wife to former combat medic, Sergeant Jeremy Moulder.

Madeline describes the challenges of:

  • being married at 19
  • moving to Fort Lewis, Washington and expecting a newborn where she initially had no support structures to lean on
  • preparing for her husband’s multiple combat deployments to Afghanistan
  • helping Jeremy navigate through his challenges with post-traumatic stress
  • helping Jeremy manage his medical separation for the Army with only 90 days of notice and preparation
  • earning her higher education degrees while providing care to her dad, Jeremy, and her son, Jake
  • helping Jeremy take an entrepreneurial step to create their business, USA Flagworks

Madeline transparently talks about how she and Jeremy tackled the challenge of dealing with Jeremy’s multiple combat deployments as a combat medic treating hundreds of casualties which led to his episodes of post-traumatic stress.

You will be inspired by this incredibly strong woman who so magnificently represents the incredible strength, talents and abilities of so many military spouses past and present!



USA Flagworks:

Instagram: @madeline.moulder

Twitter: @madelinemoulder

Show notes

0:00   Lee opens the podcast

00:30  Lee introduces Madeline

02:40  Madeline tells the story about how she and her husband, Jeremy, met and

describes their early life together after getting married

04:58 Madeline describes her childhood experiences growing up in a military family

09:57 Madeline talks about the challenges she had as a young military spouse who was expecting a child with a husband who immediately deployed to combat

16:43 Madeline shares how she prepared for Jeremy’s first combat deployment and describes the challenges she had to overcome

22:42 Madeline transparently talks about challenges she and Jeremy had when he returned from his first deployment and showed signs of post-traumatic stress

26:21  Madeline shares how she and Jeremy tackled the challenge of dealing with Jeremy’s PTS

28:44 Madeline talks about the signs of PTS that Jeremy exhibited

33:15 Madeline describes the volunteer work she did as a Family Readiness Group leader

37:46 Madeline talks about how she found things to keep her active which enabled her to deal with Jeremy’s absence while deployed

41:02 Madeline describes the challenges of dealing with exiting the Army with only 90 days of preparation as Jeremy was medically separated from the military

49:39 Madeline talks about how she earned her higher education degrees while being a caregiver to Jeremy and Madeline’s Dad

54:40 Madeline tells how she pursued employment after her father’s passing

57:37 Madeline describes how she and Jeremy created their business, USA Flagworks

1:05:10 Lee closes out the episode