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Sandy and Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha continue the discussion of Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown. This discussion focuses on the what you feel when you start to compare yourself to others and how it can impact your mental fitness.


Show Notes:

00:35 Master Certified Life Coach Beth Shaha sits in for part two of the discussion on the Brene Brown book, “Atlas of the Heart”

2:00 Beth gives a detailed synopsis of the book to open the show

4:00 Beth and Sandy review envy and jealousy as defined in the book, connecting their own experiences for better understanding of this new definition

10:27 The conversation pivots to a broader discussion – the hard work of properly identifying emotions and working with them in order to grow

14:18 Sandy and Beth discuss ‘when things don’t go as planned’ through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic

24:22 Beth quotes Brene Brown on setting expectations – “The more significant your expectations are, the more significant the disappointment is.”

28:41 Beth opens up about “the language of the human experience – dialing in, examining it, expressing it, and having the courage and the vulnerability to bring it forward.”

34:25 Sandy and Beth discuss Chapter 4: The Places We Go When It’s Beyond Us

38:02 The conversation pivots to how awe-inducing events or seeing the world can be a method for personal change and growth

44:24 Beth and Sandy talk about the differences between confusion, curiosity, interest and surprise

50:02 Sandy asks the question, what are some ways to explore getting to know yourself better?

57:22 Beth shares her contact info with the audience noting the value of life coaches