Women Helping Women Series with Tina Fox

Serial Entrepreneur, Tina Fox shares her journey from a successful career in Corporate America to taking a leap of faith into entrepreneurship.

She shares the pivotal moment that solidified her decision to make that change and how she redefined success for herself in the process.

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Show Notes

00:00 Sandy opens the show with an introduction to the “Women Helping Women” series featuring Tina Fox

3:13 Tina discusses how a heartfelt moment with her son lead her to leave a very successful corporate sales career to “do something different”

9:50 Sandy relays her own story of transitioning and how her husband helped to push her when she may have felt incapable of making the change

12:57 Sandy and Tina discuss taking a demotion in order to use their mental capacity to support the future you’re trying to create, and the reactions to their decisions

23:04 Tina and Sandy discuss fine-tuning your frequency to what you want to gravitate towards and a better way to look at pursuing your passions

29:49 Tina explains Women on Course and how she partnered with the company through starting her own private business group for women, to eventually become part-owner

35:40 Sandy shares her experience as an accountant at a Women on Course event 

39:03 The conversation shifts to the current state of ‘women helping women’

43:23 Tina explains how she was prompted by a friend to mentor and how she pushes more women to mentor as well

50:32 Sandy closes the show on a warm note; Tina tells us how to find her online

A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 5

Sandy and Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha continue the discussion of Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown. This discussion addresses key points of the final chapters including the need for belonging, showing up and being your true self, and cultivating meaningful connections.

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Show Notes

00:00 Sandy opens the show by re-introducing the author, Brene Brown, and her book Atlas of the Heart

1:58 Beth Shaha discusses an instance of positive influence based on the theme of Chapter 9, belonging

7:29 Sandy shifts the discussion to Chapter 10: When Our Hearts Are Open, focusing on family dynamics and integrity in communication

13:38 Quick anecdotes on self-betrayal

18:23 Sandy quotes Brene Brown:  “One of the bravest things you could say to someone is, “that hurt my feelings.’”

20:29 Beth discusses the concept of ‘flooding’, a product of being deeply blended with an emotion, and how important it is to disarm yourself when this occurs

25:28 “Ask yourself, do I have enough information to freak out?”

27:27 Sandy opens up a quick discussion on intentionality

29:19 Beth shifts the topic to Chapter 11 – the balance between contentment and satisfaction

33:54 The discussion moves onto Chapter 12: Places We Go When We Feel Wronged and Chapter 13: Places We Go To Self Assess – pride vs. hubris

37:11 Beth and Sandy summarize the final chapters of the book highlighting the fact that emotional intelligence rests within our bodies, not just the mind

41:21 Sandy shares a sweet anecdote about how she connected with a new neighbor

44:48 Sandy and Beth close the series with wise words from Brene Brown’s mother – “Don’t look away, don’t look down, don’t pretend not to see hurt. Look people in the eye, even when the pain is overwhelming; and when you’re hurting and in pain, find the people who can look you in the eye.”

A Conversation with Auti Gillispie

Award winning singer/songwriter and PMM Artist/Brand Ambassador Auti Gillispie shares with us her journey as an emerging artist and how she uses her music platform to drive awareness around suicide prevention and to promote anti-bullying campaigns.

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Auti reveals the story that drove her to become a mental health advocate and the message she wants to share through her music. In this episode, our listeners will be truly inspired by the courage and mission of this incredible young woman.


Show Notes

00:00 Auti explains how she got involved in mental health advocacy

4:09 Auti and Sandy discuss Auti’s personal and artistic influences, and how they contribute to her personal wellness

10:27 Auti tells the story of how her fanbase began with a viral video

14:18 Auti discusses how spending time in nature allows her to separate herself from the music for a mental break

18:26 Auti details how her musicianship has developed throughout the years on piano

22:01 Auti tell us what she wants people to get from her music

23:18 The discussion switches to Auti’s partnership with Pivotal Moments Media, and her future endeavors

27:00 Sandy asks, “what’s one piece of advice that really drives you?”

28:43 Auti thanks the audience

A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 4

Sandy and Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha continue the discussion of Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown.

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This discussion focuses on what you feel when you start to compare yourself to others and how it can impact your mental fitness.


Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction to Brene Brown and the book

1:52 Sandy opens with Brene Brown’s list of 87 emotions and experiences

5:20 The discussion centers on Chapter 7: “Places We Go With Others”, noting the key feelings compassion, empathy, pity, and sympathy

7:37 Beth chimes in on what’s missing when we relate to each other emotionally, “being curious about the backstory”

12:44 Sandy and Beth discuss helping others in a healthy manner

16:20 Beth and Sandy discuss the limits of human perspective, leading into a deep discussion on boundaries

27:11 “Places We Go When We Fall Short” – guilt, shame, perfectionism, embarrassment, humiliation to self compassion

28:36 Beth and Sandy discuss their thinking around guilt and shame

36:13 Sandy reads an excerpt from the book, prompting a shift to the topic of perfectionism and how it can be harmful

41:14 Beth and Sandy discusses Chapter 9: “Places We Go When We Search For Connection”

47:22 Beth implores the audience to care about the wellbeing of others

53:40 Beth and Sandy close the show

A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 3

Sandy and Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha continue the discussion of Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown. This discussion focuses on what you feel when you start to compare yourself to others and how it can impact your mental fitness.

Her Journey Told: A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 2

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Sandy and Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha continue the discussion of Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown. This discussion focuses on the what you feel when you start to compare yourself to others and how it can impact your mental fitness.


Show Notes:

00:35 Master Certified Life Coach Beth Shaha sits in for part two of the discussion on the Brene Brown book, “Atlas of the Heart”

2:00 Beth gives a detailed synopsis of the book to open the show

4:00 Beth and Sandy review envy and jealousy as defined in the book, connecting their own experiences for better understanding of this new definition

10:27 The conversation pivots to a broader discussion – the hard work of properly identifying emotions and working with them in order to grow

14:18 Sandy and Beth discuss ‘when things don’t go as planned’ through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic

24:22 Beth quotes Brene Brown on setting expectations – “The more significant your expectations are, the more significant the disappointment is.”

28:41 Beth opens up about “the language of the human experience – dialing in, examining it, expressing it, and having the courage and the vulnerability to bring it forward.”

34:25 Sandy and Beth discuss Chapter 4: The Places We Go When It’s Beyond Us

38:02 The conversation pivots to how awe-inducing events or seeing the world can be a method for personal change and growth

44:24 Beth and Sandy talk about the differences between confusion, curiosity, interest and surprise

50:02 Sandy asks the question, what are some ways to explore getting to know yourself better?

57:22 Beth shares her contact info with the audience noting the value of life coaches

Her Journey Told: A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 1

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Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha joins us in this multi-part series to break down best selling book Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown. This book has been referred to as the bible for how to understand and communicate your feelings and emotions. Beth highlights key points and how they apply in everyday life.

Taking chances and finding the life you want with Kris Perelmutter

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Join us on a journey with Kris Perelmutter to learn how she found the courage to take chances and live the life she always wanted.  She will share the struggles along the way and how she recognized her toxic environments and found the strength to change her situation.


Guests Social Media Links:

Company’s Website: https://www.wyldercollective.com/ 

Personal Website: https://www.krisdrewry.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kris-drewry-perelmutter-a3a82261/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/krisdrewry 


Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

3:04 Kris shares her background and how it helped in shaping her career life that she’s living today

7:17 Kris talks about how her experience in the companies she was working for led her to start her own brand

10:51 Kris explains why it is important to reflect on oneself to find their true self and not mind what others will say

16:59 Kris also talks about why people need to give women enough credit when it comes to being a working mom

20:25 Kris talks about what keeps her going on, what keeps her mentally fit, and who are the people around her that help her with this

22:57 Kris talks about where she gets the courage to overcome the fear people have of transitioning

28:39 Kris talks about the importance of taking the time that you have and making an adventure in everything that you do

33:00 Kris explains why people need to always believe in themselves if they want to achieve something in life

35:41 Kris talks about what she is about to do next in the near future in her life

37:56 Kris talks about her writing and if she will be writing more in future

41:14 Kris shares her advice to people to guide them through the transitions in life

From Investigative Reporter to PR & Media Guru and the lessons she learned along the way

Her Journey Channel


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Emmy award winning journalist and entrepreneur, Christine Haas shares with us her journey to becoming an investigative reporter to ultimately leaving her profession to start her own media consultancy. She speaks openly about the circumstances driving those decisions and all the lessons she learned along the way. Christine inspires us with her wisdom and enthusiasm around the power of believing in yourself.

Guests Social Media Links:
Website: https://www.christinehaas.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Christine-Haas-310933232259775/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/christinemhaas/

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0:00 Intro

0:54 Christine shares a little background of how she got into journalism as a career

3:09 Christine talks about how long she has been in the journalism career and how she even became an investigative reporter

7:08 Christine talks about how she is using her expertise to help her clients in Haas Communication grow their businesses

9:47 Christine talks about where she got the courage to leave one career to go and start her own company

12:00 Christine talks about what gave her the strength to get through a divorce and at the same time starting a company

15:05 Christine talks about her success in business and what she contributes that success to

17:06 Christine talks about the importance of always believing in yourself and stop criticizing yourself

19:04 Christine talks about how being in the public eye also impacted her after leaving her career and starting a business

21:33 Christine talks about some of the obstacles that she faced along the way before she became successful

26:20 Christine talks about what mental fitness means to her and some of the things she does to stay mentally fit and stay positive

31:22 Christine talks about the importance of resilience and continually doing the things that help you succeed regardless of what people say

33:42 Christine talks about accountability and why it is important to hold yourself accountable for things

35:00 Christine shares pieces of advice to people that are going through hard times to motivate them to keep on working hard


Erin Washington finds balance with Squats & Margaritas

Her Journey Channel


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Erin Washington shares with us her incredible story of discovering her best self mentally and physically once she changed her definition of healthy. In this episode, Erin shares how she went through this process and found her purpose in sharing her journey with others.

Guests Social Media Links:

Website: https://www.squatsandmargaritas.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-washington-627a608/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/squatsandmargaritas/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Squats-and-Margaritas-312195776310189/

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0:00 Intro

1:57 Erin talks about what the term healthy means to her now as opposed to when she was young

4:25 Erin talks about her book and what it is all about and some of the reasons that made her write that book

10:17 Erin talks about some of the things that got her through when she was going through dark times

12:33 Erin talks about why she hid from people that she had an eating disorder and the impact it had on her life

16:01 Erin talks about the importance of sharing your secrets with other people that you feel might be shameful

19:34 Erin also talks about the importance of asking yourself if you are being true to yourself doing what you are doing

24:04 Erin talks about why you should do what makes you happy and not be bothered by what other people say

25:44 Erin talks about her brand Squats and Margaritas, how she came up with it and what’s its purpose is

33:10 Erin talks about why people need to focus on what’s working for them instead of what’s not working for them

37:05 Erin shares her thoughts on why people should have people to listen to them and guide them through like a therapist

40:25 Erin explains why people need to be real especially when it comes to the social media and the impact it will have on other people