In this episode, Stacy Case shares her heart-wrenching journey from being diagnosed and then later un-diagnosed with MS as a result of a dental procedure. She speaks to the overwhelming fear of being told she only had 5 years to live and finding strength from her faith.

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Stacy encourages the audience to never stop being an advocate for yourself and to never give up. The audience will be inspired by Stacy’s overcomer story and her unwavering faith where she found her strength and will to live.


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Show Notes

0:00 Sandy introduces Emmy-Award winning journalist and health advocate, Stacy Case, to the Pivotal Moments Media audience

2:52 Stacy tells us the heartwrenching story of her diagnosis and un-diagnosis with MS as a result of a dental procedure

9:25 The story continues, as Stacy details how her faith and journalistic background compelled her to find out how her sickness was connected to silver dental fillings

16:00 Stacy details how she was guided by her faith to seek out help through chance encounters

19:10 Sandy and and Stacy talk about pushing past the hesitancy to share their most difficult stories; Stacy talks going from being given only 5 years to live, to creating a full documentary on her story

26:10 Stacy answers the question, what would be your advice to someone who’s just been diagnosed with a serious disease?

29:51 What’s next in Stacy’s career?

34:30 Sandy closes the show