“To me, intuition is a way to navigate all domains of life.” In this episode, Jenn chats with Shoshanna French, coach and founder of Simple Spirit. 

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She dives into the mentorship that led her to study the science of intuition and how she transformed that interest into a thriving coaching approach. From Intuitive entrepreneur workshops to executive consulting packages, Shoshanna has helped CEOs, NFL Coaches, TV personalities, business owners and non-profits develop deeper connections with their purpose. Now she is sharing a bit of that insight with us! Watch and/or listen to learn how to strengthen your intuition muscle.



Shoshanna’s Website: https://www.shoshannafrench.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shoshannafrench 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoshannafrenchstokes/ 

Simple Spirit Website: http://www.sunshinemint.com/ 

Simple Spirit Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simplespirittips 



1:04 Shoshanna opens the show by giving us the details on her life and background, interests and family life

4:33 Shoshanna explains how she discovered a mentor within a metaphysical bookstore in rural Colorado and began her study of the science of intuition, and how she got started in business

9:00 The discussion shifts: using your gifts in business

13:35 Shoshanna explains how she learned to tap into her own intuition, beginning with metaphysical training in college and studying sociology 

18:14 Jenn and Shoshanna discuss how as service-providers, client interactions help to shape and form business practices 

22:57 Jenn speaks to mental fitness as a spectrum of neutrality and asks Shoshanna, how would you define mental fitness?

27:53 Shoshanna maintains her mental fitness by caring for all four parts of herself – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

29:56 Shoshanna explains how intuition relates to mental fitness and everyday life through a client story, noting that “intuition is the way we navigate all domains of life”

32:16 Jenn gets curious about how intuition can be applied both professionally and personally; Shoshanna asks, where are the places where you don’t trust yourself?

34:25 Shoshanna details a process for flexing her mental fitness: observing how she reacts to the world 

37:10 Shoshanna leaves the audience with an exercise to strengthen the intuition muscle; PAL – Pause, Ask questions, Listen