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As athletes and coaches, roadblocks and hurdles in our journey are expected. However, those that garner the skill sets, mindset and mentors that teach us to get through those times is what ultimately makes us winners. Our guest this week, Andy Neary, helps to create winners.

Andy is a former professional baseball player, two-time Ironman finisher, business coach, and founder of the complete game coaching program.

As we dive into Andy’s life today, you will find that no matter the arena, he was able to draw on his experience as an athlete to break through adversity to succeed.

In addition to being an achiever, Andy is also the host of the Bulldog sessions, a podcast dedicated to helping athletes and business professionals make the successful transition to the next chapter of their life. He is also a contributing author on the Amazon bestseller, Breaking Through the Status Quo.”

Show Notes

– Andy talks about being an undersized athlete and making it in professional baseball: 2:13

– Andy dives into what it means to do the work in the dark place: 7:15

– Andy shares how he dials in to compete in the Ironman Competitions: 12:13

– Andy walks us through the moment of exhaustion in competition and the breakthrough: 14:47

– Andy discusses the “Leaders Eat Last” mentality: 19:47

– Andy shares the influential people in his life: 26:07

– Andy talks about transferring his sports experience into his business: 30:32

– Andy shares advice for younger athletes: 33:59