The greatest of all-time debate is something that never stops raging amongst sports fans. Like any true debate – in order to even crown a title like that – you must first set the standards – and thats usually where the conflict begins. Is it based on championships? Today’s guest has won two world championships, three national championships, and three olympic gold medals.

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Or is it based on personal accolades? She is also a top-50 athlete in California history all-time, A three-time first-team all-American, a 3-time first-team academic all-American, a University of Arizona Hall of fame honoree, a national softball hall-of-fame honoree, and she holds the record for a batting average in a single college world series tournament, having hit .750.

While that resume, along with a selection to ESPN’s Greatest of all time softball team, probably qualifies our guest as a GOAT – we believe the true definition of that title comes not just from accolades, awards, and performance, but the type of person that you are – and our guest today has the resume to back that up too.

Our guest today, Leah O’Brien Amico, is one of the most prolific softball players of all time. In addition to everything mentioned above, Leah is also a professional and inspirational speaker with over 20 years of experience, a published author having written “Victorious” and “Softball, Glory, and God’s Story”, and an analyst for ESPN and Westwood One Sports and the host of “the gold standard podcast”. Amongst all of that, she is a dedicated mother to her three boys and is committed to empowering others to meet their potential.